Step by Step How to Participate in the Land Sale Lottery

2. Connect your wallet (only MetaMask is supported)

3. Select Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as network on MetaMask. To connect BSC to MetaMask please follow these instructions:

4. Deposit 20 Alice tokens. Please note that Only Binance Smart Chain is supported, meaning that the transaction fees are in BNB.

a) Click the deposit tokens button.

b) Deposit 20 tokens and click approve.

c) Confirm the transaction (the transaction might take a minute to process)

d) Click again to complete the deposit transaction (the transaction might take a minute to process)

e) You have now deposited 20 Alice tokens which will make you eligible to participate in the lottery. The 20 Alice tokens will also grant you 20 lottery tickets per day from May 28th — June 10th. If you want more lottery tickets and increase your chances you´ll need to deposit more tokens. We automatically check for additional Chromia and Alice associated with that address across the different Liquidity Pools. For valid LPs please check our reference guide:

The 20 Alice is now part of the staked amount and will make you eligible for the lottery

4. To earn more lottery tickets you can deposit more tokens or link additional wallets, tokens in the linked wallets will be counted in the total when issuing tickets. Please note that you have to deposit the 20 Alice tokens first before this step. Please also note that you need to use ethereum network for Chromia.

5. Your lottery tickets will be visible on your dashboard approximately an hour (time may vary) after the snapshot has been taken.

6. The day after the lottery has ended there will be a draw event where the lucky winners can claim their reward. You can find the reward section at the bottom of the dashboard. If you´re a winner, your reward will be visible as per the example below. Note: make sure to keep your 20 Alice deposited to be eligible for the lottery draw.

We hope this guide was of help to you!

/Team Alice

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