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One of the things that excites players the most about the vision of My Neighbor Alice is that it is an entrepreneurial sandbox. The economy of the game is run by the players, and the interplay between them creates a vibrant economy full of opportunity. These opportunities are available to both beginners with a small amount of capital, as well as advanced users with a wealth of resources. Here are some examples of how you can be an entrepreneur in MNA:

Farming (or hiring other’s to farm your land for you)

  • All farming is done on land plots, which are represented by NFTs that were sold via the lotteries. If you are one of the lucky ones who managed to get some land, you can grow crops on it and sell them to other players! Planting and growing crops is a fun activity in and of itself — make sure to keep your plants watered! However, if all that work sounds like a hassle, you can simply rent out your land to another player and enjoy the rental income.

Realizing the abilities of your animals

  • Animals are special NFTs that got new owners through our first farm animal adoption event earlier this year, with more animal adoption events coming in the future. Animals have the ability to craft new things from other resources. These crafted materials are generally more valuable to trade with, and can even become unique items. Every animal has his or her own special crafting abilities, some rarer than others. For example; after you harvest organic cotton from your land, some animals will help you to spin the organic cotton into a thread. Other animals can weave the thread into fabric, and special animals will dye the fabric with your favorite colors. You can sell these fabrics on the market, or use them to design your own unique clothes!

Completing jobs posted by other players

  • If you do not yet own any land or animals, your first money earned may come from jobs posted by landowners. They may need you to tend their crops, or to take care of their animals. Lands need to be watered and tended to, while animals need food, water, and lots of love and attention! Well kept lands yield better crops, while well kept animals are far better at crafting — making your help valuable to a land owner.
Pre-Alpha Game Footage (accelerated version)

Resource arbitrage

  • Traveling around the various lands of the various players is an exciting journey by itself; you’ll meet new people and see their creations, farms, animals, and furniture. If you are lucky, you may find that certain resources are cheaper in one location compared to another location. These dynamics allow you to act as a merchant, buying and selling goods across the world in order to reap the profits!

Animal ownership and rental

  • Once you have earned enough money doing jobs or as a traveling merchant, you may want to get into the world of animal ownership. In MNA, you can own animals and have them live in land you rent from another player. Now you can craft your own resources, and sell them on the market. Also, when you are not using your animals, you can outsource their abilities to other players.

Designing and crafting unique items and fashions

  • Trading commodities gets you a good price, but you know what gets you an even better price? Crafting something unique! Through the various steps of animal crafting, you may find yourself designing cool sweaters, fast shoes, pretty dresses and lots of hats. These are all unique items that can be worn by players to show off their unique style. The more unique and interesting looking a design is, the better price it can fetch on the market! Because every item of clothing that you create is a unique NFT, you can trade these with other players.

As you can see, our game world has been designed to offer players a multitude of ways to monetize their efforts. How will you make your fortune as one of Alice’s new neighbors?

Disclaimer: All game economy & design features are subject to change after beta testing and optimization of the game.

Stay tuned for more news and see you all in the neighborhood!

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