My Neighbor Alice first animal adoption event

My Neighbor Alice
3 min readFeb 19, 2021
The first phase of the auction takes place on Feb 21st at 12.00 CET at Bounce Finance

Alice needs your help, some of her animals are looking for a new home in the Lummelunda Archipelago.

Who will create the best looking plot in the Lummelunda Archipelago? Take your friends along for the journey with My Neighbor Alice! Now players have a unique opportunity to acquire and enhance their plot with some of the most fun, cute and rare animals and characters from Alices backyard. Will you be one of the lucky caretakers of these cuties?

Are you ready? Because this is cuteness overload!!

Presenting the Alice Farm Crew 🥳

The Bitcoin series. There are also BNB, ETH and CHR cards. Collect a full series and be eligible for a lucky draw!

Berta, or ‘Big Berta,’ is a famous Archipelago cow from the Medieval Plains. She is friendly enough to offer you some refreshments.

Helga, the sheep, would be a sophisticated addition to any sheep garden in the Lummelunda Archipelago.

Meet Harold, a dog with a very big heart. Would you like to be his best friend? Woof course!

Add some flair to your sty with Mr. Royalty! That´s Royalty with an R.

Did someone say party? A little party ain’t never hurt nobody. — Dr. Hilton, the duck.

Gertrude, the unicorn, will add sparkling color wherever it sets its “hoof.”

What could you do with these NFTs?

  1. Redeem your companions in the Alice world
    These NFT cards will grant you the asset from the card you get when the game releases. Your new companions will make your island life more animated and fun! Imagine an adorable animal running around the island, isn’t it a charming thought?
  2. Get a chance to adopt the next batches of Alice pets
    Owning the first batches of pet NFTs in My Neighbor Alice really shows that you are an animal lover 🥰 and we want to give you more opportunities to adopt cute creatures. Therefore, the lucky ones among the NFT holders will enjoy the privilege to get new animals when they appear on the farm.
  3. Collect them all and get lucky 🤑
    As you might notice from the card design itself, our animals are all crypto native as they carry a mark of the coin that they are born with. Are you a fan of Bitcoin or BNB? Collect all the animals in the coin series and who knows? Alice might reward you with some of that coin from her personal bank account.

What’s more, these cards are definitely something to hold on to as they in the future could also provide the owner with a nice yield bonus in the game. If you choose to you can however put them out to sale on the marketplace at any time.

How can you participate?

The auction will commence on Bounce Finance and NFTs will be launched sequentially. The early bird catches the worm, so don’t miss out on this time limited opportunity!

The first stage of the auction with a limited edition first batch on sale begins on February 22nd at 12.00PM CET and lasts for 24 hours.

Read more about how to participate here

Lock the date and stay tuned for more news!

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