My Neighbor Alice Unveils 2023 Roadmap: Exciting Developments and New Features Ahead

My Neighbor Alice
3 min readApr 28, 2023

Hey there, Neighbors!

We understand that you have been eagerly anticipating the release of our roadmap. And today, we are pleased to let you know that it is finally available for your perusal. Our roadmap for 2023, along with a breakdown of events that took place in 2022, can be accessed through our website.

This article briefly summarizes the 2022 highlights, focusing on Alpha Seasons 1 and 2, new features, and events. We will then explore the exciting developments planned for 2023 with an in-depth look at key events and areas of interest.

In 2022, we launched Alpha Seasons 1 and Season 2, introducing features such as a Companion App, our game launcher, first community quests, fishing, and farming. Throughout the year, the game participated in events like Paris Blockchain Week and NFT.NYC, while announcing its partnership with ELLE.

2023: New Opportunities and Advanced Game Mechanics

Q1 saw the game participating in various industry events, including Web3XP/Paris Blockchain Week, PGC London, and NFT Paris, focusing on developing crafting, renting, and wardrobe features.

Q2 will bring the launch of Alpha Season 3. My Neighbor Alice was a speaker at NFT.NYC and will participate in Web3 Berlin. The crafting, renting, wardrobe features, and our first partner-branded NFT sale will be introduced. A key focus of this quarter will be collaborating with our first partner brand, showcasing the game’s capabilities, and providing a high-quality experience for players. This collaboration serves as a pilot project, with potential expansion to more brands once the game demonstrates its capacity for successful brand integration.

Q3 will feature a land sale and significant advancements, in in-game mechanics, including:

  • Developing Quest Framework: Designed to simplify the process of creating engaging quests for brands by providing an intuitive interface for designing quests procedurally. This will encourage diverse and immersive quests for players to enjoy.
  • Developing Trading: The trading system enables players to trade items for currency or other items, fostering a dynamic in-game economy. Developers plan to improve the trading system, allowing for a more comprehensive and robust economy where players can trade items freely.
  • NFTs on Multiple Chains: The game plans to expand NFT support to multiple blockchain platforms, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Chromia, increasing accessibility and inclusivity for players.

Q4 will see the launch of Alpha Season 4 and further game improvements, such as:

  • Scalability of Multi-Chain on Chromia: This addresses scalability concerns, enabling efficient transaction processing without sacrificing consistency, availability, or partitioning.
  • New region in the Lummelunda Archipelago: The team plans to open a new region, providing players with a fresh experience and more content for exploration.

As My Neighbor Alice moves through 2023, the expectation around the game continues to grow. The team behind the game is diligently working on introducing advanced game mechanics, engaging partnerships, and a host of new features that will elevate the overall gaming experience.

The upcoming Alpha Seasons, the collaboration with our first brand partner, and the expansion of NFT support to multiple blockchains are just a few examples of innovative developments for the project. By continually pushing the boundaries of virtual world gaming and fostering a vibrant and inclusive community, My Neighbor Alice is well on its way to becoming a benchmark in blockchain-based gaming.

Don’t forget to stay tuned for more on the enthralling journey of My Neighbor Alice. We’re thrilled to have you as part of our passionate and ever-growing family of players, ready to explore the captivating open world together.

See you in the Lummelunda Archipelago!

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