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My Neighbor Alice
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The world has changed dramatically during 2020. With the spread of Covid-19, most of us are working from home, meeting with our friends online and spending most of our time indoors. Collaborative tools and social media like Zoom, Notion, Twitter etc. reformed our online world. Some say that the pandemic has accelerated the process of moving things online — one step closer to Ready Player One😎 At Antler Interactive, our goal is to create games that introduce players to new ways of interacting with emerging technology — at the forefront of the gaming industry. In Summer 2020, we started off the design for My Neighbor Alice — inspired by Animal Crossing, we want to offer users a relaxing experience in the world of Alice but also monetary incentives through the introduction of Non-Fungible tokens and the blockchain technology.

Excited for the new journey? Let’s take a look at some of the fun things you will be able to experience in the game.

My Neighbor Alice Teaser (Early Prototype)

Take on an adventure in the world of Alice
The world of Alice is a large island complex located in the Lummelunda archipelago. It is a place where animals and humans share space, make friends and work together. You could claim a piece of island in the game, change the landscape as you like to create mountains and lakes. Never get bored in the world of Alice — you can keep yourself busy with activities such as fishing, bug catching and beekeeping with additional activities to be decided by the community! Through farming there are also plenty of animals in the game that you could keep as a pet or play with. Self impression is an important part, even for life online. You could choose to customize your avatar the way you like it and also to purchase exclusive avatars on the marketplace if you want to walk around as Satoshi 👀or Anna👧🏼 (our CEO!).

Create your own Avatar

Relax and hang out with new friends
It is never fun to be on your own — My Neighbor Alice allows you to hang out with friends and meet with your neighbors. As the main character in the game, Alice will guide you through different quests to get familiar with the game. As you are settled down in your island, you could start visiting friends, chat with them and participate in those activities together or even start a competition! Nothing is super urgent in this world, you could take your own pace and find a relaxing moment when you open the game. There are also native characters that have always been living on the Alice world, they will tell you everything about the islands and give you quests to complete. You could also invite your friends from the real world, so that they could become your neighbors too. Visiting each other’s island, and grabbing a cup of tea while enjoying the beautiful scenery, how cool is that 😉

Invest time and make money in the game
With blockchain technology, now you could earn money while playing and contributing to the game! Alice world has its own currency, which you earn by completing certain tasks and you spend in buying items from the store. Using non-fungible tokens technology, the assets that you see in the game could be traded and transferred on the blockchain. If you catch a rare fish, then good luck! Collectors might want to purchase and add to their animal collection or use it as a decoration at their farm. In addition, there are tons of benefits for being a token holder in the game — like holding a AMEX black card 🚤🛥. Alice department stores and hotels are all under construction now and looking forward to your visit.

Early Access
The early access is only a step away🎉 As one of the first players visiting the Lummelunda archipelago in June of this year, you will be able to own your parcel of island and modify it. To do so, you could purchase some assets to customize your plot, or achieve some quests to get rewards. Socialize with your fellow players by chatting or visiting each other’s plot of land. Who knows, you could find someone to trade plots with?

Happy playing — summer 2021!

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My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer blockchain builder game, where anyone can buy and own virtual islands, collect and build exciting items and meet new friends.