Visualizing the Impact of Art

We took a step back from the high-velocity production and expectations from all sides to rediscover the WHY. We firmly believe that if we speak from the heart, the audience will feel it. This is where we decided to rebuild our art direction, somewhere very close to our heart and home.

Today we want to share a few pillar rules serving us as a compass for our art direction.

1-Story is King: It is a maxim that employees live by at Pixar. We are all just stories in the end, and we are here to tell ours. All our artists started to think more than just shape and color. Everyone started to write, putting pieces of themselves into this world. We have this test of sharing concepts with little context with our peers. Even without knowing the story, they can feel it. When we respond with a warm, genuine smile, this is when we know we’re doing it right.

2-Bringing Sweden to your home: This is where our main base is located, but it is home for a lot of us. We are rediscovering our literature, architecture, and culture. If it doesn’t feel like Sweden, we go back to the drawing board!

3-Designing a garden: One of the designers shared a story of being invited to a private garden in Tokyo. “No matter where you stood or looked, you’ll be staring at a beautifully composed view as if it’s almost painted.” Inspired by this, we started to re-landscape the level from the ground up. Every flowering tree and building are carefully placed to serve a visual melody.

4-Familiarity x surprise: Visually, we want to push what is familiar and known. We are combining flavors yet to be tasted. We are the Willy Wonkas in our world, and our players have the golden ticket to taste it all.

About My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice is a social online game with focus on resource gathering, crafting and creative expression. Players build their own virtual lands, interact with neighbors, perform exciting daily activities and earn rewards along the way.

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My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer blockchain builder game, where anyone can buy and own virtual islands, collect and build exciting items and meet new friends.