Useful information for the animal adoption event 💻

The Basics

  • 255 animal NFTs will be for adoption this round 😻
  • There will be 6 animals from the farm showing up this time and they will be carrying 4 types of freshly minted coin marks. To find out more about the characters of each one and what you could do with these cute creatures, read the article here 🤓
  • For all the cards except for the unicorn, 20 copies will ever be minted. And 10 will be available for sales in this batch. There will only be 2 unicorn cards issued for each series, and only 1 will be for adoption this time❗
    The remaining ones will go into farm collection and be rewarded to island citizens that complete Alice’s quests in the future.
  • All the cards will start from 0.1 BNB in the auction 🤑

You say collect them ALL? 👀🍀

Yes! You hear it right — Alice really loves animal lovers and that she wants to give special rewards if you collect all the cards in one crypto series 🤩

For example, if you get all the six animal cards in the Bitcoin series, Alice will reward you with $2,000 worth of BTC! Since there is only 1 unicorn 🦄️ card issued in the series, we will probably see quite a competition among the unicorn hunters🤔.

Worried that your skill might not be able to catch a unicorn yet 😣? We feel you — if you collect all the 5 BTC farm animal cards without the unicorn, you stand the chance to win $1,000 worth of BTC. Same applies for other crypto series💪

All the rewards will be distributed within 1 week after the completion of the auction. So even if you have no luck getting them all in the auction, you could try swapping with friends afterwards. Stay tuned for more details of the rewards in our Telegram and Twitter.

So how can I participate? 🧐🧐

The auction will commence on Bounce Finance and NFTs will be launched sequentially. The early bird catches the worm, so don’t miss out on this time limited opportunity!

The first stage of the auction with a limited edition first batch on sale begins on February 22nd at 12.00 CET, and lasts for 24 hours🕙.

  • Get your BNB and BSC wallet ready
  • you can choose to install Binance Wallet
  • Or set up BSC network in Metamask wallet
  • Instructions on how to set up BSC in Metamask
  • Video tutorial, how to set up BSC in Metamask and participate
  • Go to:
  • Connect the BSC wallet to Bounce (otherwise you´ll not be able to see the NFT)
  • Select your favorite NFT, make sure that you check it’s the official smart contract ⚠️ and bid (insure enough BNB in the wallet)
  • You can adjust your bid before the auction ends
  • The starting bidding price for all the animals is 0.1BNB — and the auction will end if no one bids 8 hours from the previous bid.
  • The highest price at the end of the auction will get the NFT

Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the staff in Alice land in Telegram🙋‍♀️ See you at the event! 🎆



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