Team Alice announces open testing of the intro chapter of My Neighbor Alice for ALICE token holders

On August 31st ALICE token holders around the world will be able to participate in an open playtest of a pre-alpha version of the game where players will be able to try the introductory chapter of My Neighbor Alice. Take a stroll through Lummesta town, get to know the locals and chat with friends as you experience the introduction part of My Neighbor Alice. The introductory chapter will be open for testing until September 30th.

In this My Neighbor Alice pre-alpha you´ll be able to play through the intro chapter of the game

What to play and test in this pre-alpha version?
This is a pre-alpha version of My Neighbor Alice, which means the amount of gameplay in this version is limited to only a few gameplay features. In this test version the following will for example not be available: The marketplace, visiting your plot, building & landscaping.

Say hello to Alice and the locals of Lummesta town
In this pre-alpha version you´ll play through the introduction chapter of the game where you´ll be able to meet and get introduced to some of the locals (NPCs) in the game which will give you a simple quest to complete. You´ll also be able to meet and chat with fellow players and explore the town together.

Meet the locals of Lummesta Town, like Ivan the Merchant.

How to get access to the pre-alpha testing
To be able to access the playtest you´ll need to have a Steam account, a Chromia Vault account and you´ll also need to be a token holder of ALICE. Here´s a step by step guide in how to participate in the testing. You must also read through the Terms and Conditions for the pre-alpha testing as well as the privacy policy.

Feedback wanted
One of the main reasons we´re conducting this open playtest for ALICE token holders is that we want your feedback on the game. We’d love to hear your thoughts about the My Neighbor Alice world, gameplay and the characters and create an even better experience together with you in our community.

The 100 surveys with the best written feedback will receive an NFT giveaway from My Neighbor Alice. To be eligible you´ll need to submit your feedback in the survey before October 1st. Please find the link to the survey here

See you all in the neighborhood!


Q: Will I be able to play-to-earn in this version?
A: No, this feature will not be enabled in the pre-alpha.

Q: Where is the game available?
A: The game is available on Windows devices only.

Q: Will my progress be saved?
A: No, this version is for testing purposes only. Before the main launch of the game, the blockchain is subject to resets and that erases all progress in-game done during the testing period.

Q: Why is there so little content in the game?
A: In this first open testing we wanted to focus on introducing the main characters and the world of MNA to our community and getting your feedback on this part.

Q: When will I be able to test more features?
A: We aim to run more tests during 2021 with more features included such as fishing quests, landscaping and building.

Q: When will the full game launch?
A: We aim to launch the 1.0 version of the main game during spring 2022.

Q: Why do I have to deposit 1 Alice to get access to the game?
A: We want to reward our supporters of the project and restricting access to ALICE token holders is one way of doing so.

Q: For how long will the playtest be open?
A: It will be possible to participate in the playtest from August 31st to September 30th.

Q: How fast can I expect to be onboarded?
A: We´ll onboard approved users gradually during the whole month of September so please be patient if you don´t get instant access and we´ll onboard you as fast as we can.

Q: Why is it taking so long to get an access code?
A: The amount of keys we can generate for this type of pre-alpha test is restricted by Steam but we’re working hard to secure more keys so as many as possible can take part of the playtest.

Q: How long will I have access after receiving an access code?
A: You´ll have access for one week, after that new testers will be onboarded so please make sure to to activate your code and test the game within that timeframe.

Q: What if I don´t want to wait for the access key and want my deposit back?
A: If you don´t want to remain in line for the playtest of the pre-alpha you´re free to make a withdrawal request at any time. Please bear in mind that you’ll be able to withdraw your deposit 14 days after initiating the withdrawal request.

Q: How do I know my Land ID?
A: Unfortunately we are not able to pull your land ID easily (this would require around 10–15min on a node). The best way is to get it either from your metamask mobile account or other NFT services.
Alternatively, you can search on

To do so, simply go to the land token 0xe218144c228863b03ccf85d120fd5b71bf97f3f4 page
Then click “Inventory”, and the search icon, finally paste the bsc wallet address used to deposit the Alice token. If you have lands associated with that address you will find them there. Copy the “TokenId” and deposit it on at step 4.

We´ll keep updating the FAQ section with more answers to your questions.

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