Team Alice announces My Neighbor Alice´s 3rd Land Sale lottery — The Rusty Pikes region of Medieval Plains

The Medieval Plains are anchored in an ancient time, with a landscape full of low vegetation and stonework. A great spot for your cows to graze.

We´re excited to announce My Neighbor Alice´s 3rd land sale lottery which this time will be held on the island of Medieval Plains where users have the opportunity to buy land in the Rusty Pike region. Staking and snapshots for lottery tickets will begin on September 27th.

Once again, as a token of appreciation for the participants of the first two land sales, all early pioneers receive 200 BONUS TICKETS!

Amount of plots for sale: 1000
Cost per plot: 50 ALICE
Deposit Acceptance Start Date: September 20th
Snapshot Start Date: September 27th at 12.00 CET
Snapshot End Date: October 10th at 12.00 CET
Land Sale Lottery Event Date: October 11th at 12.00 CET

Prepare your ALICE and CHR tokens and get ready for My Neighbor Alice´s 3rd land sale lottery.

Don´t miss out on this opportunity as the Alice land sale office will temporarily close for the season after the Rusty Pikes land sale has been concluded.

The following document will serve as a reference guide for participation in the event. This guide makes the following assumptions:

  • You are familiar with the My Neighbor Alice game and the ALICE token
  • You are familiar with Chromia and the CHR token
  • You have a Metamask wallet and know how to use it
  • You are familiar with the Land Sale Lottery Dashboard
  • You have a basic knowledge of NFTs
  • You have read through the T&Cs !
  • Let’s get started!

The game world of MNA is divided into sections of land called Plots. A certain percentage of the plots in the game world will be made available for ownership to the public. These land plots will exist as NFTs that live on Binance Smart Chain.

The MNA Land Sale lottery is a mechanism whereby users can win the right to purchase a plot of land. This land sale (the third one ever!) will be selling plots from the island of the game known as Medieval Plains.

The following is a list of required steps for participation as well as all pertinent information:

  1. When the land sale lottery portal goes live, users must deposit 50 ALICE tokens in order to register their address. If the user is selected in the land sale lottery, these tokens will be used as a payment for the plot of land. If the user is unlucky and does not win, they may leave these tokens deposited for the next land sale or withdraw them.
  2. On September 27th, the 14 day ‘staking for tickets’ phase will begin.
  3. Depositing 50 ALICE tokens will automatically generate 50 tickets per day of staking for the user. In theory, you can win a plot of land simply by staking 50 ALICE. However, staking extra ALICE and/or CHR will generate extra tickets and give you a higher chance of being selected.
  4. Users receive one additional ticket per 1 ALICE staked, per day. ALICE tokens are staked directly in the land sale dashboard.
  5. Users receive one additional ticket per 20 CHR staked, per day. CHR tokens are staked through the Chromia staking portal at Staking Chromia will also earn you CHR rewards at a rate of 25% APR. Please note that there is a 14 day unstaking period for CHR tokens. Once you deposit CHR tokens to the staking contract, you must submit a withdrawal request and wait a full 336 hours (14 x 24) to withdraw your tokens.
  6. We also count tokens in LPs:
    Bakery: ALICE-BAKE
  7. At the end of the 14 days staking period, all of the tickets received are entered into a lottery. Addresses can only be selected once — after they win, the remainder of their tickets are removed from the lottery.
  8. Addresses that were selected in Step 6 will be able to redeem the plot of land as NFT for 50 ALICE. At the conclusion of the sale, users that were not selected can choose to leave their ALICE deposited for the next land sale, or withdraw their tokens.


We’ve gathered the most frequently asked questions from our community to assist you better understand the land purchase and lottery process at My Neighbor Alice Land Sale.

Q: When will I be able to make a deposit?
A: From the 20th of September.

Q: What´s the minimum deposit?
A: The minimum deposit is 50 Alice. Depositing 50 ALICE tokens will automatically generate 50 tickets per day of staking for the user.

Q: For additional tickets, how long do I need to stake my tokens?
A: Users receive one additional ticket per 1 ALICE staked, per day.

Q: When does the snapshot begin?
A: From the 27th of September.

Q: Which tokens are eligible to stake?

Q: When is the last day to start staking?
27yht of September + 14 days = October 10th (before 10:00 UTC.)

Q: Since you can get several lottery tickets, can one user buy more than one plot?
A: Theoretically (across different lotteries), yes. Mind that one participant (account) can only win one plot per lottery.

Q: How can you stake 50 ALICE when you are actually staking LP tokens?
A: User has to send 50 ALICE tokens for plot collateral (which will be held should he win the plot, or can be withdrawn otherwise), We will use the sending address and check how many tokens of that address are in liquidity pools. We might add locking contracts for people that don’t want to be liquidity providers should we see the need.

Q: Can we get bonus tickets for staking longer than 14 days?
A: No, you can get tickets for 14 days only.

Follow up Q: Is it a concern that liquidity pools will empty after the 14 days? Why not allow users to continue accruing tickets for subsequent sales?
A: We will continue to encourage people to participate in the liquidity pools and design yield farming programs in the near future. We will keep the land sales event separate from yield farming and for the follow-on land sales, we will inform the rules before the actual sales.

Q: Is this game only for rich people, what about the people who really want to play this game. It’s very expensive to buy land, even after a discount.
A: You don’t have to own land to be able to play and enjoy My Neighbor ALICE. 50% of the land will be reserved for rentals and public facilities. So even if you won’t be able to own a piece of land, you could still have fun in the game. Land can be shared among friends. This means a lower cost per capita.

Q: In terms of “For CHR”, you could stake the tokens in the official staking contract”, you mean the staking on Chromia´s official website?
A: Yes,

Q: If I stake CHR and only hold CHR and win the lottery, will you convert my CHR to 50 ALICE to purchase the land or must I hold ALICE?
A: You need to also deposit 50 ALICE in order to be able to participate in the lottery.

Q: Where do I buy the land if I win the lottery?
A: On the My Neighbor Alice marketplace website

Follow up Q: Will winners be granted access to the marketplace website at the same time and just race to buy the land they want?
A: They win a specific — random — land. In the future we plan other sales mechanisms. So you can take your time to redeem the plot, no need to race.

Q: Why are you using this kind of model? Why can’t you offer land sales with a fixed amount for anyone to buy like other games have done.
A: We want to make the game accessible. If we had an auction only rich people would be able to buy the land. If we just have low prices there won’t be enough land available for everybody.

Q: When should they send the 50 ALICE to the address?
A: From the 20th of September.

Q: What is the correct Uniswap link to the ALICE-ETH pair?



ALICE — BNB in Pancake Swap:

Q: In what form would the ticket be?
A: Digital on Chromia.

Q: What happens when my 50 ALICE in the liquidity pool fluctuates? Does that disqualify me for a ticket?
A: No, we calculate how many ALICE tokens you have at the time of the snapshot in the LP. So you can expect variation from one day to the other but your tokens will be counted. Mind that to participate you need to deposit 50 ALICE that won’t be in any pool.

Q: Do you have a fixed time in UTC on when you take the snapshots?
A: Yes. It’s 10:00 AM UTC.

Q: As I am staking CHR for the lottery tickets, and depositing ALICE for the possible land purchase, how do you guys know, I am the same person staking CHR and ALICE? Does it need to be from the same wallet?
A: We will issue tickets for the staking participants, and the receiving address will be the same as the address that participates in the land sales. Just make sure to link the two addresses on the marketplace.

Q: If my CHR has just been staked in the site since last year, do I need to restake it on the 27th or do I automatically qualify once I send the 50 ALICE over to signify my intent in joining?
A: You will automatically join once you deposited 50 ALICE.

Q: If I win twice in the lottery, do I need to send the 50 ALICE right away? When?
A: You will need to send in the 50 ALICE first before being qualified for the lottery. Mind that you can win only one plot per lottery.

Q: What happens to all of the ALICE bought from the land sale? Is it burned?
A: Proportion of the sales revenue from land sales will be contributed to the DAO in the future and that token holders could decide either a buy-back and burn design or to fund community development initiatives.

Q: Can I use LP tokens to farm? Will this affect their ability to get a lottery ticket? Since if LP tokens are in the farming pool, then their balance will not be displayed.
A: No, we count only the liquidity pools not farming pools

Q: Who is an Early Pioneer?
A: Early pioneer is a wallet who made eligible deposits of Alice and participated in one of the two first land sale lotteries.

Q: I deposited 20 ALICE in the first lottery, am I eligible for this lottery?
A: No, unfortunately you will have to deposit 30 ALICE more in order to be eligible.

Q: How will I receive the 200 bonus tickets as Early Pioneer?
A: Tickets will be issued one day before the first snapshot.

Thank you for your support and good luck in the land sale!

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