Team Alice announces development of its own game launcher

My Neighbor Alice
2 min readOct 16, 2021

As part of a planned initiative to increase the accessibility of My Neighbor Alice we´re happy to announce that we´re currently developing our own game launcher for the game. This means users will be able to download and install the game directly from the official My Neighbor Alice website when the game launches without having to set up an account on a central distribution platform as well.

Furthermore it will be beneficial for:

  • Play tests, we can smoothly onboard new testers at the pace of our choosing, a feature we know our community has requested.
  • Efficient user acquisition — one click away from ad to install.

Is this made in response to Steam is planning to ban NFT based games from their platform?
No, the plan has always been to have our own game launcher as well but now seems like a good time to tell our community that we´re already developing it.

Will you be open to launching on other central distribution platforms in the future?
We´re always open to discuss with platforms who´d want to offer the charming & beautiful world of My Neighbor Alice to its users but the success of the project is not dependent on it.

Will it delay the launch of the game?
No, the development of the game launcher was already planned for and will not affect the timing of the launch.

Stay tuned for more news and see you all in the neighborhood!

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