Team Alice announces Alice’s Mysterious Seed, a mobile companion game for My Neighbor Alice

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5 min readJul 5, 2021

Hello neighbors!
One of the recurring pieces of feedback we’ve received when talking to you all in different AMAs and forums around the world has been about mobile versions and applications for My Neighbor Alice. While a mobile version of the full game is not yet on the current roadmap we’ve “secretly” been developing a mobile treat for you and we at Team Alice are very proud to announce Alice’s Mysterious Seed, a mobile companion game for My Neighbor Alice.
Alice’s Mysterious Seed will launch on July 13th.

What’s Alice’s Mysterious Seed?! Tell me all about it!
Alice’s grandmother was a great experimenter in the garden. After she had passed away, Alice started to find seeds that her grandmother had bred from different species around the archipelago. These seeds looked unlike any that Alice had ever seen before.

It is clear that whatever grows from these seeds will be of a great help to any archipelago dweller, though exactly how remains to be seen…Delicious fruits, powerful abilities, beautifully decorative plants; who knows what lies dormant in these tiny seeds!

Alice seed pouch (right) and Chromia seed pouch (left)

Alice’s Mysterious Seed will include two fun and intuitive mini-games where you’ll need to water the plant and play sweet tunes to it in order for it to grow and prosper.

Onboarding tutorial in-game

FAQ about Alice´s Mysterious Seed

Q: When will Alice’s Mysterious Seed launch?
A: On July 13th

Q: How will I be able to get it?
A: Alice’s Mysterious Seed will be available via from the 13th of July.

Q: Will I have to download an app?
A: No, the game is a browser game but is most suitable to be accessed and played on mobile devices.

Q: Does the application/game cost anything?
A: The game is free to play, but you will need a seed to plant. Seeds will be available to purchase, and look out for other cross-promotions and ways to get your hands on one!

Q: What can I buy in this game?
A: You’ll be able to buy two different seed pouches in the game, a Chromia seed pouch and an Alice seed pouch. Exactly which seed you will receive is random.

Q: What is the cost for a seed pouch?
A: An Alice seed pouch with one seed cost 1 Alice and a Chromia seed pouch with one seed cost 40 CHR.

Q: What will I be able to do with the seed I buy?
A: You will be able to plant your seed and tend to it. If you look after it, it will yield a fruit. This fruit will be valuable in My Neighbor Alice when the game is released.

Q: Are the seeds only available to buy during a limited time period?
A: No, there´s currently no time limit set.

Q: How long do I need to take care of the seed?
A: 14 days

Q: How often do I need to take care of it?
A: You need to take care of it every day during the 14 day period by watering it and playing music to it.

Q: What happens when the timer for either of the water lever or music lever goes to zero?
A: The plant begins to wither and you have 12 hours to replenish it with water and music before it dies and is reset as a seed.

Q: What happens if I don´t take care of it every day?
A: The plant begings to wither and eventually dies after which the seed is returned to you and you´ll need to replant the seed.

Q: When will I be able to see growth progress on my plant?
A: If you take care of the plant as you should, it will grow and update every 48 hours.

Q: Can I plant more than one seed at the time?
You can only plant one seed at the time and it needs to be taken care of for 14 days. If you plant another one during this time then the plant & the seed resets. You get your seed back and the plant is back at 0 days.

Q: How many variations of the seed will be available?
A: Initially there will be 6 different types of seeds available. 3 different types that can be purchased with Alice and 3 different types that can be purchased with CHR.

Q: How many seeds can I purchase with one wallet?
A: You can purchase as many seeds as you want but please bear in mind that you can only plant one seed at the time.

Q: Can the seeds be transferred between different accounts?
A: Not at the moment but it´s planned to be added as a feature. Please bear with us.

Q: I see different amount of seeds in my other browser or device, what is the reason for this?
A: A: Make sure that you are signed in using the same Vault account. You can compare which accounts exists on your device by going to If the IDs are different of your account on diffferent devices/browsers, it means that you have more than 1 account and you probably have imported the wrong seed phrase.

Q: I receive an error purchasing with MetaMask Mobile App. What should I do?
A: There is an active bug in MetaMask Mobile App. We recommend that you use another wallet, for example Coinbase or Trust Wallet. If you want to use MetaMask you can purchase via the desktop extension.

Q: Can I play this even if the main game, My Neighbor Alice, hasn’t been launched yet?
A: Yes, Alice’s Mysterious Seed can be played as a standalone game. The rewards (NFTs) you unlock in it, you’ll be able to redeem and use later in the full game.

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