“Tales from the Dev Team”: Season of the Timber Coast

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4 min readAug 10, 2022


Thank you for playing My Neighbor Alice Alpha Season 1 (live until August 31st!). We have a survey that we would like you to complete.

Season of the Timber Coast is live!

After months of hard work with the team, we are extremely proud to have the first season released.We have been playing the game with you, neighbors, and been watching your reactions on social media channels. Seeing you, play the game we have worked on for a long time fills us with child-like joy. Your many positive reactions to the game made the team super happy. Your many positive reactions to the game made the team super happy.

Thank you Early Neighbor!

A big thank you goes out to players who helped us with play testing in the lead-up to the first season. You have helped us to find many of the bugs and make sure that the season one release was quite bug free. In one of the previous Tales from devs we asked for your help to test out the game. You have replied in overwhelming numbers, over 1000 people have signed up. We test the game in the lead-up to a season release with a limited number of players, so we can not guarantee that if you signed up, you will be able to preview the game. Still, we love the comments that you have left us; many of you say that you rather want us to take more time to make a great game than to rush a mediocre one, and we could not agree more! For all those players who tested the game early, we are super grateful for your help in making the game more stable and more clear forto new players.

What you liked in the game

We read all of your comments and suggestions on Telegram and Discord, and while we cannot reply to them all, be assured that we take them very seriously. We especially love the screenshots that you, neighbors, take inside the game, that tells us what you like to see more of. Here is an example of a screenshot taken by Lam, who likes the kites in the game:

Here is another screenshot by Jeff who thought it was hilarious that after putting in all of his effort of reeling in a fish, he caught a tire!

This first season is only accessible for everyone who own a plot of land. We have received many many requests from non-land owners to also play the game. We will definitely have that in a future season, for now owning a plot of land is a prerequisite to play the Season 1. For all the people who would like to play, but do not yet have a plot of land,some of our moderators made different gameplays that you can find on our YouTube Channel.

What can you expect to do during this Alpha?

We made a conscious decision to limit the amount of features in the first season, and to polish the heck out of those features and make sure that it is stable under all conditions. The main quest of the alpha rewards you with a Bjorn hat, and you can also complete your sticker book of all species of fishes. Will you manage to find the right bait for the right fish? More on what exactly you can do will be in a future “tale of the dev team”.

How to get a Bjorn hat?

One of the questions that keeps coming back to us is: How do I get a Bjorn hat? After you have completed the fishing quest during the season and withdraw the land back to your wallet, you will receive the NFT on the wallet that you transferred the land from after the season ends (the NFT will be sent during the month of September 2022).

What would you like next?

While we do read all of your comments, suggestions, and all your positive and negative feedback on our social channels, we would like to hear more from our neighbors.

Did you play the game? If yes, what did you enjoy the most? What did you enjoy the least? What should we improve? If you played the game, please take the time to tell us your thoughts by filling this form (will take approx.3min).

We love to hear your thoughts, and with your input we will make the archipelago an even nicer neighborhood!

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