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4 min readOct 18, 2023

Hello Neighbors!

We finished ALPHA SEASON 3, a captivating journey that took place from August 29 to October 10.

ALPHA SEASON 3 took players on a unique journey. Our players discovered new places, crafted special and unique items, and enjoyed a mix of virtual worlds including fashion, lifestyle, and gaming.

Let’s take a step forward and see what this new season of our multiplayer blockchain game has brought us:

ELLE’s Fashion Presence: A Stylish Touch

ELLE introduced high-end fashion to My Neighbor Alice, and they did this through the ELLE Café, ELLE NPCs, and in-game quests. The addition of style enhanced the green hills and lively town hubs. The brand added a touch of glamour to the virtual escapes, allowing players to complete quests and get ELLE-branded items. This brought luxury fashion into their virtual lives and made their gaming experience more stylish.

Inclusivity Through Free Trials: Opening New Doors

In an effort to grow the community even in the development phases, the Free Trial was launched, recording an impressive 1,940 sign-ups! It opened up a new world to new players, offering them a substantial piece of virtual land to explore, engage, and farm.

This step ensured that My Neighbor Alice’s world was inclusive, not only for landowners but also for new neighbors. The open world’s beauty and adventure made it open and welcoming to everyone. It aimed to create a virtual environment that is inclusive and welcoming for all curious newcomers!

For more information from Alpha Season 3 explore this article by DappRadar, offering a step-by-step guide for immersing yourself in the game during this third season. Rest assured, we’ll be rolling out free trials for our concluding Alpha Season, set to be unveiled later this year.

Crafting: A World of Possibilities

This season transported players into a universe where their creativity was limitless, thanks to our crafting system. Players were actively involved with their in-game environment, creating an impressive total of 45,754 items ! They constructed everything from simple objects like tables and fences to more complex items such as gates and fountains.

With materials harvested through engaging activities like farming and fishing, the crafting wasn’t just a feature; it was a new adventure in itself.

Watch some of our early neighbors, SuperSoju and Kuma, navigate through the community quests, crafting, and much more!

Credits to Supersoju

STAKING: Crafted Items From Season 3 to Season 4

The system combined the joy of crafting with the economic potential of $ALICE tokens. It also improved the value of branded items through a secure and transparent staking mechanism. This created a unique and rewarding experience for players and $ALICE holders. Learn more by reading this article here. You will be able to see your staked crafted items from our marketplace on Monday, October 23 at 4 PM CET!

Blockchain Integration: Fully Decentralized Game!

For this season, the game improved by combining virtual and economic aspects.

During this Alpha Season, players could choose to use $ALICE Tokens to craft exclusive items but also earn from those crafted items by staking them!

This brought tokens from other Chains into our gaming world. By enabling players to use these tokens, bridged from the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to Chromia Appnet, they experienced a novel approach to in-game economics and item creation, linking digital creation with tangible economic impact. You can learn more about this exciting development on the Chromia Blog by clicking here.

As we move from Season 3 to Season 4, we will continue to make improvements. Our goal is to keep players engaged and rewarded in a user-friendly environment. We want gaming and blockchain communities to go hand in hand.

We finished ALPHA SEASON 3 with lots of crafting, exploring the game economy & blockchain integrations, and a bit of fashion. It was a great experience. Players engaged in an average gameplay session of 22 minutes, indicating a mix of enjoyment and involvement in the quests and new features introduced.

Remember ALPHA SEASON 3 as we go ahead, prepared for more creative and countless adventures in the future. Stay tuned, for more is yet to come in the neighborhood!

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