Step by step guide how to access the pre-alpha testing of the intro chapter of My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice
6 min readAug 19, 2021


Register for pre-alpha testing of the introductory chapter

To be eligible for testing the intro chapter of My Neighbor Alice you´ll need to go through the below steps via the dashboard that will be available from August 31st.

Apply via the dashboard

Step 1: On metamask switch network to BSC (check here how to do it) and connect you metamask wallet

Step 2: Connect your Chromia vault (here´s a guide to set up a Chromia vault)

Tip: Here´s an instruction video on how to setup Chromia vault, starts at 4:40

Step 3: Enter your email address to receive a code. Think about checking the spam box if you have not received it. A new code can always be resent.

Step 4: Approve and Deposit 1 Alice via metamask (here´s how you can acquire Alice tokens, you need them on Binance Smart Chain), you can withdraw your Alice token after you´re done with your playtest.

Step 5 (landowners only): This is an optional step. If you´re a landowner in MNA you can choose to deposit your land to get priority in the line. We´ll onboard new players and those with land deposited will have priority. In order to deposit the land, you need to have it with the same account you used to deposit.

Mind this is a 2 steps operation (one approve the transaction and one deposit transaction)

Step 6: When you are registered for the early access, if you are selected you´ll receive a Steam key by email

Install and Launch the game

The access is done via Steam, you need a steam account to download Alice. Retrieve the game by:

(1) Add a game

(2) Activate a Product on Steam

(3) Accept and agree to the terms

(4) Enter the key in the field to activate the product.

(5) Launch the game via Steam or by clicking on the Alice icon on your desktop.

Install and Launch the game

The advice is to keep a text document opened on the side.

  1. Click “New Account”, a browser window will popup. Use the same Chromia Account that you used to participate in the early access dashboard (you can always go on the website and check it at the step 1) to log in in the Chromia vault, this acts as a “Sign in with Google” account, which also is called SSO (Single Sign-On) but on the chromia blockchain.

2. Authorize “My Neighbor Alice” Dapp (Decentralized Application) to use your newly created account.

3. Get redirected to the game

4. You should now be logged in

5. Select your desired Avatar and choose a name (minimum 3 characters).

6. If you accidentally logged out, click on your newly added account to login to the game. From now on you won’t have to go through these steps in order to login to your account.

What to play and test in this pre-alpha version?

This is a pre-alpha version of My Neighbor Alice, which means the amount of gameplay in this version is limited to only a few gameplay features. Building & landscaping is for example not available in this test version.

‘’Meet the locals’’ quest

In this pre-alpha version, you´ll play through the introduction of the game where you´ll be able to meet and get introduced to some of the locals (NPCs) in the game which will give you some simple quests to complete.

Step 1 — Meet Alice

Talk to Alice on the dock and then meet up with her in the Town (just follow the yellow arrow to get there)w

Note: On the dock, you´ll also see José, it´s however now time to meet him yet. But if you still decide to talk to him now, you´ll be able to explore the archipelago map.

Step 2 — Meet José

Alice greets you at the Town Hall and presents some of the locals of Lummesta and asks you to go see them. Now it's time to meet Alice's brother, José at the dock. Just follow the yellow arrow.

Note: It´s not possible to buy, visit or build on plots in this test version but please have a look around and explore the archipelago map.

Step 3 — Meet Ivan the Merchant

Head back to the town again to meet Ivan, the town merchant.

Note: The marketplace is not yet available so you´ll not be able to trade in this version.

Step 4: Meet Björn

It´s time to meet Björn, Lummesta´s finest fisherman. He’s waiting for you across the fence.

Note: The fishing feature is not available in this test version so you´ll unfortunately not be able to catch fish for Björn this time.

Step 5: Meet up with Alice again

You´ve met all the locals and it´s time for you to meet up with her at the town hall again to complete the quest.

Other gameplay: Explore the town and chat with other players

Thanks for playing through the introduction of My Neighbor Alice. We hope you got a feel for the atmosphere in the game and some of the characters in My Neighbor Alice. Feel free to explore the town further if you want and chat with other players.

Let us know your thoughts on the open pre-alpha by filling this form. It will be helpful for us to continue developing the game!

Hope this guide was of help to you. As always we´ll be happy to answer your questions and assist you in our official telegram channel

See you all in the neighborhood!

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