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My Neighbor Alice
2 min readMar 21, 2021

Alice is the guardian of the Lummelunda archipelago, the latest in a long line of succession. Animals and humans share space on these islands, and both are equally gifted with the ability to speak, form connections and work together to make the archipelago prosper. Because the archipelago is so large, she invites others to help her nurture the land. Each owner of a piece of land and its inhabitants is a neighbor to Alice, whichever part of the archipelago they call home.

The Lummelunda Archipelago

Snowflake Island
Located on the northwestern edge of the Lummelunda archipelago, Snowflake island is a frosty wonderland filled with ice sculptures of mysterious origin. Fairy magic is found all around the place.

Medieval Plains
The Medieval Plains are anchored in an ancient time, with a landscape full of low vegetation and stonework. A great spot for your cows to graze. Did you know that Berta used to graze here?

Nature´s Rest
Nature’s Rest is a dense forest with lush vegetation. Glowing lights fall from the trees and create a moody atmosphere. Nature’s rest also happens to be Bear’s (you know, the friendly bear with the yellow hat) birthplace.

Lummestad (The Town)
The small but bustling town of the Lummelunda archipelago is full of shops and is the center point of many of the events in the game. The Town is located in the middle of the archipelago.

Sandy Coast
Made famous by local celebrities like Dr. Hilton, Sandy Coast resembles the Maldives. As the name suggests, the Sandy Coast is mostly composed of sand and includes multiple islands. This is the obvious destination for any beach dweller. Fancy a life on the beach, then this is the place for you!

Submerged Islands
The rich waters of the Submerged Islands are stalked by seafaring pirates, seeking the treasures and mysteries beneath the waves — or hunting those brave enough to try and get there first! Think shipwrecks, chests and driftwood. Something for the more adventurous minded perhaps? Ahoy there neighbor!

This looks amazing, will I be able to buy land on any of these islands?

Indeed you will and we´ll announce when where and most importantly why you´d want to buy land in My Neighbor Alice. Please stay tuned for more news!

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