NFT auction closed: All 255 animals have found a new home!

The NFT auction is now closed but please stay tuned for more news

Here are some of the numbers for you:

BIDS: 1755
ACCOUNTS who participated: 185
BID TOTAL: 475.41303 BNB

How to claim your bonus if you collect all the cards in one crypto series:

Please contact us ( if you collected all the NFT series before March 1st, 12pm CET. We will take a snapshot of the address at that time and verify if it fulfills the criteria. Once verified — the rewards (for users have collected all animals with unicorns) will be distributed on the next day. For users that collected all from a crypto series (without unicorn), we will host a lucky draw session on 3 March at 12pm CET. You need to include your address before March 1st, 12pm CET to participate in the lucky draw. Winning address will be announced the same day.

A game by Antler Interactive



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