My Neighbor Alice x Binance NFT AMA Recap

ㄥᎧꀘꀤ | Binance NFT:

We have Anastasia Plane (@anastasiaplane) and Lenny Pettersson (@lenny_antlerinteractive) from My Neighbor Alice Team. Welcome to the Binance NFTs!

Anastasia | My Neighbor Alice:

Hello! 👋🌻

Lenny | My Neighbor Alice:

Hello everyone! 😃

ㄥᎧꀘꀤ | Binance NFT:

Can you please introduce yourself ?

Lenny | My Neighbor Alice:

My name is Lenny Pettersson, and some of you might already know me by now. I am the CMO of My Neighbor Alice. I have around 18 years of experience within the media & gaming industry. Previously I worked 8 years as Senior Marketing Manager for the Nordic & Baltic region at WarnerMedia, working with brands such as Adventure Time and Ben 10 for Cartoon Network and shows like Rick and Morty.

Now I’m really passionate about building the next generation of Blockchain games and being part of building the decentralised metaverse.

Anastasia| My Neighbor Alice:

My name is Anastasia Plane. I am the Marketing Manager of My Neighbor Alice. I am also the NFT Sales Project Lead and I am working on the other gaming projects in parallel with MNA. I have an MA in Business and Marketing, a Bachelor’s degree in Logistics and Journalistic. Ex-professional athlete and gamer. I am working closely with blockchain, gaming, crypto, and NFT’s.

ㄥᎧꀘꀤ | Binance NFT:

Nice to meet you guys .

Can you please introduce your project

Lenny| My Neighbor Alice:


For the last year we’ve been working hard on our biggest project to dat, My Neighbor Alice.

It is a multiplayer builder game where players can build and create on their virtual lands, interact with neighbors, perform exciting daily activities and earn rewards.

Anyone can join the world by owning or renting a virtual island and/or participating in various activities such as farming, crafting and fishing!

It’s a play-to-earn game where the economy of the game is run by the players, and the interplay between them creates a vibrant economy full of opportunity.

Pretty exciting, isn’t it!?

ㄥᎧꀘꀤ | Binance NFT:

Sounds really amazing.

As our main topic of this AMA it is an upcoming NFT Sale on Binance platform. Please tell us more about that.

Anastasia| My Neighbor Alice:

Sure. I would love to share more about that.

‘Fright Night at Alice’s Farm’ Halloween Party is our 4th NFT Sale and 3rd on Binance NFT Marketplace. The sale will run in Mystery Box format. There will be 70.000 Spooky Pouches (Mystery Boxes) on sale, including 2100 pouches reserved for the community via the Binance Airdrop.

Each Spooky Pouch (Mystery Box) contains 1 random NFT from 21 varieties. 🙂 Each NFT handcrafted by team Alice 🐻

ㄥᎧꀘꀤ | Binance NFT:

What will be the main theme of this Sale? How do you get inspired?

Anastasia| My Neighbor Alice:

It is Halloween themed 🎃 We prepared many spooky, deadly beautiful asstes for you guys! Soon you will see it on Binance NFT marketplace 👻 As for now we get inspired by the most popular and fun holidays of different cultures. But in the future we are planning to release NFTs in partnership with different projects that fits Alice’s universe.

ㄥᎧꀘꀤ| Binance NFT:

Spooky Halloween with Alice 👻 Interesting.

Please tell us more about your NFTs. What are the utilities? Why should one try to get them during the Mystery Box drop?

Anastasia| My Neighbor Alice:

First of all the seasonable assets, NFTs, are unique and exclusively made for the Binance marketplace. They are limited edition. 💎

Each Spooky Pouch including redeemable in-game cosmetics will be redeemed in the My Neighbor Alice game, Alice’s Mysterious Seed mini-game, and the upcoming Alice’s Secret Closet mini-game.

You will also have a unique opportunity to acquire and enhance your plot with some of the most fun, cute and rare animals and characters from Alice’s backyard. 🐮 The lucky ones among the NFT holders who get the SSR Animal NFT (Barn Animals) will enjoy the privilege to get new animals when they appear on the farm!

One of the things that excites players the most about the vision of My Neighbor Alice is that it is an entrepreneurial sandbox. The economy of the game is run by the players, and the interplay between them creates a vibrant economy full of opportunity.

We have also released the entire article highlighting NFTs, Land Sale perks and the other in-game economy features of the MNA.

Play to Earn Opportunities Galore! — My Neighbor Alice’s in-game Economy

ㄥᎧꀘꀤ | Binance NFT:

Will you do more sales on Binance NFT marketplace? Will there be different from Mystery Box types of Sales?

Anastasia| My Neighbor Alice:

Yes. Currently we discuss new opportunities for My Neighbor Alice on Binance NFT Marketplace.

We will keep you updated, but most likely you will hear the news very soon! Follow Binance NFT, follow us, you won’t miss it. 😉

My Neighbor Alice Website

My Neighbor Alice Official Announcements

Lenny| My Neighbor Alice:

Yes, please stay tuned, we’re very excited about upcoming opportunities. 🚀

ㄥᎧꀘꀤ | Binance NFT:

We all are waiting for to get more of Alice NFTs .

Previously you mentioned that your NFTs can be used in other, connected to Alice universe games. Please share with us more about them?

Lenny| My Neighbor Alice:

To expand our mobile ecosystem is a big priority for us and we’re currently working on a companion app which will have many cool and fun features that will enhance the overall experience of the game. 😃

One of the first and which will be included in the first release of the companion app is a “mini-game” which Anastasia mentioned previously.

It currently has the working name “Alice’s Secret Closet.” It is a game feature in which you can redeem your NFTs from Drops, Sales and Marketplaces and you can also be creative and make your own design. 🙌

But please note that all redeemed NFT wearables from our sales will always stand out from the ones you create.

The NFT wearables we sell here are Limited Edition and exquisitely designed items. As for example this sale we release new pieces of clothing one being that you can wear a full size bunny costume or a cow. 🐮

One of our goals is for players to have fun and the freedom to express themselves!

ㄥᎧꀘꀤ | Binance NFT:

🤩 Interesting. Can’t wait to create some designs myself.

How does your roadmap look at the moment? What is the next milestone you aim to achieve?

Lenny| My Neighbor Alice:

On Wednesday this week we’re reopening the seed shop in the mobile companion game Alice’s Mysterious Seed which will have new features such as a fertilizer boost to reduce the time you need to take care of your plant and turn it into a fruit faster. 🍍

You’ll also be able to gift seeds between accounts which is a feature that many in our community have requested.

As previously mentioned we’re working on the companion app and also our own game launcher which we announced news about last week so there’s a lot of exciting things happening. 🥁🚀

Obviously our main focus is the main My Neighbor Alice game and we’ve recently scaled up the team with many key recruitments.

We also understand that many in the community are interested to see an updated roadmap and we’re working on that and will share it soon, so please be patient for a little longer. 🙏

Furthermore, as part of an initiative for even more transparency we’re aiming to launch a series of articles about the game economy and features in the game and have more regular updates about the development of the game.

As already mentioned and shared here, the first of these articles were published on our medium blog last week and there’s much more to come which we hope you’ll appreciate. 🙌

ㄥᎧꀘꀤ | Binance NFT:

What can you tell potential owners of Alice NFTs?

Lenny| My Neighbor Alice:

To recap a little.

The NFTs sold in our themed sales on Binance are limited edition and special wearables that you’ll not be able to craft in game.

Owners will be able to redeem them in our upcoming app/minigame ahead of the launch of the main game and they will of course also be redeemable in the main game as well.

Keep your fingers crossed that your Mystery Box will contain a farm animal. 🐮

ㄥᎧꀘꀤ | Binance NFT:

We, Binancians, love Limited Editions NFTs!

Q1: @Daphnedejonge What if I’m not getting any animal NFT before the game launch? Will there be possibilities to get farm-animals in-game?

A1: Lenny: There will be more opportunities to acquire animals. You can however still play and earn from the game even if you don´t own an animal. You can read more about it in our blog:

Q2: @AzaroQL Do you consider epic games as a potential platform?

A2: Lenny: We’re always open to discuss with platforms who’d want to offer the charming & beautiful world of My Neighbor Alice to its users and Epic is one of them.

Q3: @Jmagsss My Neighbor Alice have conducted many NFT Mystery Box drops in the past, specifically the “Midsummer with Alice” “Fall Harvest Party with Alice” collections in the Binance NFT Marketplace, and now, the “Fright Night at Alice’s Farm”. Why have you choosen Binance NFT Marketplace to feature and conduct your NFT drops? Will all of My Neighbor Alice’s planned NFT drops be conducted within Binance only or will you develop your own NFT marketplace within the project’s own platform?/website

A3: Anastasia: Great question. ALICE native token is listed on Binance, and first, we got an opportunity to do our Midsummer with Alice NFT sale on the Binance NFT platform. It is great to work with the Binance team. We receive a lot of support and help that simplify the process of listing our NFTs. Binance always develops new features, possibilities for beginners and small projects. We are very proud of this partnership and the support that we receive from the team.

We have plans to launch the NFT sale in different from Mystery Box format, and we will see the other platforms where we would like to list the NFTs. We are working closely with Chromia blockchain, and we have some plans in the future to use their upcoming Originals hub for NFTs.

Q4: @Shah_HoneY How much does the game cost?🤔

A4: Lenny: The game if free2play meaning that you can start playing and enjoying the game without having to pay for it. As in the rwal life your poteantial for eearning depends both on how much you invest and the efforts you put into it.

Q5: @Dipjola What is “ Alice’s Mysterious Seed Shop?”

Let me explain in depth????

A5: Anastasia: Alice’s Mysterious Seed, a mobile companion game for My Neighbor Alice.

Alice’s Mysterious Seed will include two fun and intuitive mini-games where you’ll need to water the plant, fertilize and play sweet tunes to it in order for it to grow and prosper.

Q6: @Bukhari15 What is your strategy to make MNA not a boring game in the future?

A6: Lenny: We have a team of game designers with vast experience in making fun and engaging games and we´re confident that we’re on the right track of creating a very fun, enjoyable and longlasting game with My Neighbor Alice.

Q7: @ibps94 Sorry for my question that got off topic in today’s AMA. But I really wanna ask this.

On October 14th, Steam announced that it would block all blockchain games. Then what about the fate of my neighbor Alice? where will this game be played? is it still playable on steam? if not, have you approached the valve/steam itself?

A7: Anastasia: We’re currently developing our own game launcher for the game. This means users will be able to download and install the game directly from the official My Neighbor Alice website when the game launches without having to set up an account on a central distribution platform as well.

Q8: @Ahmet_6_7 Team Alice announces development of its own game launcher. Will this launcher also be a platform for other initiatives maybe on early stage?

A8: Lenny: That’s A possibility.

Q9: @alaskamarzia Why buy land in Alice game? What purpose?

A9: Anastasia: You don’t have to own land to be able to play and enjoy My Neighbor ALICE. 50% of the land will be reserved for rentals and public facilities. So even if you won’t be able to own a piece of land, you could still have fun in the game. Land can be shared among friends. This means a lower cost per capita. 🙂

Q10: @Alexandera0987 Can you tell us about your team members? are they qualified and professional in their fields? what are the recruiting qualifications for team members for your extraordinary project?

A10: Lenny: Our latest team member (game designer) was recruited from Rovio where he worked on the Angry Birds franchise.

ㄥᎧꀘꀤ | Binance NFT:

Thank you My Neighbor Alice team for sharing information and answering the questions.

Lenny| My Neighbor Alice:

Thanks for having us and many thanks to the community for all the great questions!

Anastasia| My Neighbor Alice:

Thank you very much! And welcome to our NFT sale on October 31st! You can find more info here: 🎃🍬👻

And please follow us on social media 🐻

See you all in the neighborhood!

/Team Alice

A game by Antler Interactive



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