My Neighbor Alice Season 2: Town Hubs creation!

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4 min readFeb 3, 2023

Gear up for another exciting chapter in My Neighbor Alice’s Alpha Season 2! This fully decentralized multiplayer builder-game allows you to create your virtual lands, interact with neighbors, and have a blast with exciting daily activities, all while having the chance to earn rewards.

This season, which runs until February 14th, features four community quests that will have you constructing buildings that will be added to the game’s four Town Hubs. And the best part? Everyone who completes the quests will be rewarded with a surprise at the end of the season!

Community quest

Get ready for a collaborative adventure in Alpha Season 2 of My Neighbor Alice! Landowners will join forces to complete four thrilling quests, each connected to a building that will be added in Season 3 for an even better gaming experience.

With José’s transport up and running and Ivan’s gathering place set, players are now working on the third quest to help Hae-Won find the perfect spot to change into his farming clothes. The final quest awaits, where we’ll help Alice, Björn, and José determine the size of the building.

Building is no easy feat, so we need your help! By donating your resources and working together to reach the milestones in each quest, we’ll be able to build all four structures and make our community even better.

Let’s work together to bring these buildings to life!

Town Hub

My Neighbor Alice Town Hubs are the perfect places to connect with other players and participate in exciting activities. Each island will have unique town buildings, and players will soon be able to create their own Town Hubs to add to the variety of island life.

In Season 2, players can build in-game by participating in community quests. The more contributions made during these quests, the more buildings will be added in Season 3. The location of each Town Hub can be found on the marketplace map.

With the growth of the player base, there should be multiple hubs in each region in the future! Get ready for the next season, as players will have access to a range of exciting new buildings.

Disclaimer: art is a work in progress. Parts of the design are likely to change during development time.

Check out the map if you’re curious where the Town Hubs will be located! You can see the exact locations of each Town Hub.


Standing Stones — Town Hub ID: #3006272

Salty Flats — Town Hub ID: #3015954

Urskogen — Town Hub ID: #3026439

Royal Garden — Town Hub ID: #3036272

Spirit Tree — Town Hub ID: #3045787

Gloomy Gulch — Town Hub ID: #30512953

Timber Coast — Town Hub ID: #30610059

Pioneer Point — Town Hub ID: #3076573

Shaded Headland — Town Hub ID: #3086735


Tourney Wolds — Town Hub ID: #5008882

Saltmarsh — Town Hub ID: #5017238

Rusty Pikes — Town Hub ID: #5027740

Broadleaf Holt — Town Hub ID: #5036112

Lord’s Passage — Town Hub ID: #5046272

Motty Peg — Town Hub ID: #5056273

Cape Codpiece — Town Hub ID: #5063821

Join us in this collaborative adventure in Alpha Season 2 of My Neighbor Alice now.

Let’s make it happen!

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My Neighbor Alice is a social online game focusing on resource gathering, crafting, and creative expression. Players build their own virtual lands, interact with neighbors, perform exciting daily activities, and earn rewards.

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My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer blockchain builder game, where anyone can buy and own virtual islands, collect and build exciting items and meet new friends.