My Neighbor Alice & ELLE NFT Sale on OpenSea & Binance: Discover more about the coming Drops!

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5 min readMay 25, 2023


Dear Neighbors, we’re embarking on a thrilling journey at My Neighbor Alice this quarter. We’re teeming with announcements, beginning with our exclusive partnership with the iconic brand ELLE.

Together, we’ve created an exciting NFT collection that encapsulates the essence of both brands, with a special nod to real-life ELLE collections! In the upcoming season, you’ll be able to put all these NFTs to use in the game. Eager to dive deeper? Here’s an insider look into the unique aspects of our three editions in these two marketplaces.

OpenSea Drop


The MOTS D’AMOUR Rare Editionfeatures 23 pieces of unique clothing, including pants, skirts, t-shirts, and sweaters. But wait, there’s a twist! Instead of buying a specific item of clothing, you’ll purchase a MOTS D’AMOUR box that contains one of the 23 garments. And the NFT corresponding to one of the 23 clothing pieces will be randomly chosen.

Here are some more specifics: Each box will cost 0.005 ETH, and there will be no limit on the supply of NFTs for 24 hours, so everyone has a chance to purchase and mint different NFTs. However, there will be a maximum limit of 50 minted NFTs per wallet.

“MOTS D’AMOUR Rare Edition” NFT holders will have a 15% chance to win 1 piece of furniture among a sofa, a seat, and a lamp.


The MOTS D’AMOUR Epic Edition follows the same process as the Rare one meaning buyers will be able to purchase a MOTS D’AMOUR box, but this time there are only 4 pieces of unique clothing available and will last 5 days! Your NFT will be then randomly selected once you buy the box.

Each box will cost 0.02 ETH. The Supply of this Edition would be limited to 50 of each category: t-shirts, sweaters, pants, and skirts so a total of 200 NFTs.

“MOTS D’AMOUR Epic Edition” NFT holders will have a 30% chance to win 1 piece of furniture among a sofa, seat, and lamp.


The MOTS D’AMOUR Legendary Edition includes a full-suit unique NFT. The supply of this Edition is extremely reduced with only 25 full suits to be minted and will last 5 days! The price of each NFT would be 0.1 ETH. “MOTS D’AMOUR Legendary Edition” NFT holders will have a 100 % chance to win a set of furniture including a sofa, a seat, and a lamp.

Binance Drop


The MOTS D’AMOUR Rare Edition on Binance will comprise 23 unique clothing pieces encapsulated in a surprise box format, similar to the one on OpenSea. Each box, costing 0.029 BNB (roughly $9), presents a chance to score one out of 23 garments. Remember, there’s no cap on the supply for 24 hours, giving everyone a fair shot at minting different NFTs.

Furthermore, those fortunate enough to secure the “MOTS D’AMOUR Open Edition Rare Collection” will have a 15% chance to win additional furniture — a sofa, seat, or lamp.


The MOTS D’AMOUR Epic Editionmirrors the same surprise box format but hosts 4 unique clothing pieces. Each box, valued at 0.12 BNB (approximately $37), might contain any of the 4 garments. The total supply for this collection will be capped at 200 NFTs.

Owners of the “MOTS D’AMOUR Epic Limited Edition Collection” will have a chance of 30% to secure an additional piece of furniture exclusive to this collection.


The MOTS D’AMOUR Legendary Edition presents an exclusive full-suit NFT. With a restricted supply of only 25 full suits, each costing 0.6 BNB (around $185), the legendary collection offers something unique for dedicated fans. Moreover, “MOTS D’AMOUR Legendary Edition” NFT holders will be guaranteed to win a set of furniture — a sofa, seat, and lamp.

Airdrops System

As previously mentioned with unveiling our three unique collections, every participant can procure exclusive NFTs at no cost.

It’s crucial to note only those privileged to hold the “MOTS D’AMOUR Legendary Edition” will enjoy a guaranteed 100% chance of being airdropped with furniture. Meanwhile, those who opt for the Rare and Epic editions will have opportunities too, with a 15% and 30% chance respectively to acquire an exclusive NFT.

Here are 9 pieces of furniture available in 3 different colors for the Rare Edition purchasers:

3 items will contain exclusive heart patterns, this collection concerns only the Legendary and Epic Edition buyers :

Wondering about the mechanics of our Airdrop system? Here’s how it unfolds: A month following the culmination of the NFT Sale, our system will embark on a random selection process. It will sift through all wallet addresses associated with each collection at that time while making a snapshot to determine the lucky winners. The NFTs are then dispatched directly to the addresses of the chosen victors. Embrace the thrill of the unexpected!

Once the NFT Sale is over, our system will randomly pick some winners. It will look at all the wallet addresses that bought each type of Edition. If you’re one of the lucky ones, the NFTs will be sent straight to your wallet.

Note that at the end of the sale, buyers from the Binance Marketplace should send their items to a BSC compatible Wallet for the devs to be able to send out your reward.

Embrace the thrill of the unexpected!


Start of the NFT Sale: May 26 at 10 AM CEST

Duration: 24 hours

— — — — — — —

Let the excitement begin! Get ready to immerse yourself in the delightful world of My Neighbor Alice and ELLE.

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