My Neighbor Alice Alpha Season 4:
Re-imagine Lummelunda

My Neighbor Alice
4 min readDec 12, 2023

My Neighbor Alice Alpha Season 4 is now LIVE on Chromia’s Shared Appnet.

It’s time to re-imagine the boundaries and enter a world of fun and creativity with new features, unique designs, and player-driven experiences.

Are you ready to explore the additional delights this season holds?

Embark on a fully on-chain Journey of Creativity and Exploration.

Season 4 revolutionizes the player experience by comprehensively redesigning the game’s environment. Each region of the Archipelago is reborn with stunning new terrain art, inviting players to explore and interact with a world that feels fresh and uplifting. The redesigned landscapes are a feast for the eyes and a backdrop for an expanded range of activities beyond the familiar fishing and farming. Players can now engage in various immersive experiences crafted to deepen their connection with the game world.

Check out our trailer to have a glimpse of what is coming ahead.

Enhanced Accessibility: Free Trial and User-Friendly HUD UI

Accessibility remains a key focus, with the return of the Free Trial offering players a chance to claim a plot and experience the game firsthand. The introduction of the new HUD UI, with its intuitive progress bar and standardized controls, ensures a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience for both new and veteran players.

Unleash Creativity and Community: New Avatars and Collaborative Quests in Season 4

Central to this season is the emphasis on self-expression and community. Enhanced character customization tools allow players to create unique avatars. The introduction of new community quests adds a layer of collaborative gameplay, where players can unite to achieve common goals and reap new rewards. This focus on communal activities highlights the game’s commitment to creating a shared, vibrant world.

Release the Power of Landscaping, Animals, and Resource Trading

Alpha Season 4 introduces a new landscaping tool, allowing players to easily transform their land by enabling players to redesign their plots, adding vegetation like trees,and grass and changing land elevations.

The season also reintroduces Animal NFTs, giving them utility as crafting stations for the NFT owners, and the new trading stand for resource exchange further enriches the game’s economic and environmental dynamics.

Exciting New Tools, Land Resources and Multi-NFT Crafting to Enhance Gameplay

Resource gathering and crafting undergo significant transformations in Season 4. The gathering process of Land resources such as Wood, Stone, Ore, Fiber, and Sediment from various resource nodes becomes more engaging with varied new tools like axes, hammers, and shovels. Crafting is now a more streamlined and rewarding experience, allowing players to craft multiple NFTs simultaneously, adding a strategic layer to gameplay.

The fashion journey continues with ELLE

The partnership with ELLE reaches new heights in Season 4, continuing to blend fashion, lifestyle, and gaming into a mesmerizing experience. With exclusive new quests and plot designs, players can dive into a world where they can play with ELLE Avatars, create customized fashion items, and earn unique NFTs. This collaboration exemplifies the game’s commitment to integrating diverse experiences and perspectives.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Alpha Season 4 could stick around for a while. However, there’s only a limited time to complete all community quests that enables players to earn exclusive NFT rewards. Therefore, Neighbors, make sure to wrap them up by January 31, 2024!

Staking via crafting to take your creativity and economy to the Next Level

In Alpha Season 4, the opportunity returns for players to stake $ALICE tokens through crafting NFTs, opening up future prospects to earn rewards in ALICE tokens, further enriching the gaming experience. This innovative approach was first introduced in the previous season and continues to evolve, offering players new ways to engage with the game’s economy.

More information about this season’s staking rewards will be provided during the season. So, stay tuned.

Migration to Chromia’s Shared Appnet

In Alpha Season 3, we migrated to Chromia’s Appnet where we operated on a distinct network in collaboration with specific providers. However, this season, our operations will be integrated into a cooperative environment through Chromia’s Shared Appnet, allowing other decentralized applications to coexist and run on the same nodes as us.

What next?

Great news, after the end of the community quest you will be able to keep playing as the game will stay live! Be mindful that starting from February 2024, periodic blockchain resets might be implemented. Note that these might wipe out in-game progressions. However, be assured that NFTs crafted with ALICE will remain untouched. More information about these resets will be shared accordingly.

My Neighbor Alice’s Alpha Season 4 is a vibrant fusion of creativity, community, and innovation. “Re-Imagine Lummelunda” is not just a theme; it invites players to explore, create, and connect in a metaverse that continually evolves and surprises.

Join the neighborhood for an adventure reshaping the virtual landscape!

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