My Neighbor Alice 2021 In Review

Hey Neighbors!

We are moving forward into what is sure to be our most exciting year yet, 2022. We would like to take this opportunity to look back at the important events and successes of 2021, while also looking ahead at the mainnet launch of our game. Let’s go!

The ALICE token was introduced in March of 2021, and we are thrilled with the widespread market adoption it has achieved in a very short time. We are listed on multiple major exchanges and enjoy a consistently high trading volume. We have also been included in several promotions on Binance this year, which is a testament to our strong business relationship. Our trading community can rest assured we will continue to press forward on this front, and take every opportunity to gain additional exposure for the ALICE token.

We held three successful land sales in 2021, establishing the very first proud owners of land in Lummelunda! The first sale was for Nature’s Rest, the second sale was for Shaded Headland, and the third sale was for Rusty Pikes. Over the course of the sales, we have refined our system and processes and are now well prepared for future land sale events in 2022 and beyond. Keep an eye on our announcements channel to ensure you don’t miss future opportunities!

Here at My Neighbor Alice, we love to take the opportunity in each season to make cool collectibles and items that will eventually be usable in game. We held a few NFT sales — Midsummer (Summer), Fall Harvest Party (Fall), Fright Night on Alice’s Farm (Hallowe’en) and upcoming Winter NFT sale (stay tuned for more details). We are definitely planning to hold more fun events in 2022, so keep an eye out for details.

Throughout the month of September, the team invited a limited number of players to assist in our pre-alpha demo test. There was an absolutely overwhelming number of applicants, and we wish we could have accepted everyone! The demo phase was a success, and we received tons of valuable feedback that is being used in our continued development. You can watch footage of the demo here. And we also released our first Official Teaser to the upcoming game!

2021 also saw the release of our Alice’s Mysterious Seed mini-game, where players can nurture seeds acquired during our seasonal seed sales into fruits which will be usable items in the final version of the game. We have recently integrated the ability for players to transfer their seeds acquired on Binance Smart Chain over to our Chromia sidechain. You can read more about this process here. This technical milestone is an important piece of the puzzle on our journey towards the mainnet launch version coming in 2022.

In November, we launched the Metaverse Grant Program in cooperation with Chromia and Mines of Dalarnia. The purpose of the program is to expand and enrich the gaming universe surrounding the MNA world. Grants will be available for developers building add-ons and utilities for the game itself, but also for teams looking to design standalone games that can interact with the world of Lummelunda. We anticipate that the program will bring its first results in 2022, and we can’t wait to see what grows from it!

Through the combination of careful planning, land sales, NFT sales, and our alpha playetest, we have arrived at a fully realized and executable vision of the in-game economy of Lummelunda. We are placing a priority on creating an inclusive and flexible gameplay experience that will allow players of all skill levels and economic backgrounds to carve out a niche in our Play-to-Earn world.

The original vision for My Neighbor Alice was to build a game for casual users that also happens to leverage blockchain technology. Our mission is to bring millions of mainstream users into the world of blockchain, sometimes without even realizing it! We are very excited, because we now see a clear path to our destination and know that we will reach it in 2022. Let’s continue our journey together and bring the Lummelunda Archipelago to life!


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My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer blockchain builder game, where anyone can buy and own virtual islands, collect and build exciting items and meet new friends.