Join My Neighbor Alice’s Alpha Season 3 for an Exciting Adventure: ELLE, Crafting, and a Free Trial

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3 min readJun 27


Prepare yourself for an incredible voyage! We’re excited to announce that My Neighbor Alice’s ALPHA SEASON 3 is finally available this June 27! We’re bringing gaming to a new level with the legendary fashion and lifestyle brand ELLE.

In an exclusive relationship with ELLE, ALPHA SEASON 3 mixes fashion, lifestyle, and gaming to create an immersive experience. The new season adds novel features such as Townhubs, free renting, and a simple Crafting system, improving gameplay and inspiring innovation. To make the gaming experience more accessible, we are also giving a Free Trial.

The Crafting system will change the way you play. Players may utilize blueprints and tickets to make various goods, participate in activities such as fishing and farming for materials, and use crafting tables to assemble their unique creations. Crafting adds a new level of customization and interaction to the game, from simple elements like fences and tables to complicated components like gates and fountains.

Players can now utilize $ALICE tokens in My Neighbor Alice to craft exclusive items. This exciting feature introduces the bridging of $ALICE tokens from Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to Chromia Appnet, making it the first-ever use of a bridged asset in the game. You can learn more about this exciting development on Chromia Blog by clicking here.

Our collaboration with ELLE brings together the worlds of fashion, lifestyle, and gaming. ELLE will be included as a neighbor in the game, with plots in each active zone. Gamers may complete quests and obtain unique ELLE-branded products with an Alice twist.

The Free Trial offer demonstrates our dedication to inclusivity. We created two variants of the free trial: “Share Land Plots with Friends,” which allows players to own a portion of the My Neighbor Alice universe jointly, and “Free Trial for New Users,” which gives newcomers access to a considerable tract of land for a limited period. We strive to deliver a smooth gameplay experience equal to that of a conventional landowner, making My Neighbor Alice’s fascinating world more accessible.

Immerse yourself in an intriguing experience as fashion, lifestyle, blockchain and gaming mix in the dynamic virtual world of My Neighbor Alice in ALPHA SEASON 3.

Stay tuned for an unrivaled gaming experience as we mix the magic of ELLE and My Neighbor Alice, and don’t miss out on our Free Trial to delve into our universe.

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