Get to know Hae-Won, your guide to farming in Lummelunda

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3 min readJan 18, 2023

We are thrilled to introduce you to the latest addition to the Alice-verse; Hae-Won!

Hae-Won will be your farming guide, teaching you how to grow crops and cultivate the land. Having her as a partner in your journey of cultivating your land will prove to be invaluable as farming plays a crucial role in the My Neighbour Alice gameplay. So, with no further ado, let’s meet your new guide!

Though just a young woman, Hae-Won is wise and an expert when it comes to farming, beekeeping, and being connected to nature. Once you enter Lummelunda you will meet her with a beekeeper hat on. She is a mystical character, who can be a little hard to get to know. More comfortable with nature and spirits than she is with people, Hae-Won often keeps to herself and is rather introverted.

While she might be quiet, she’s incredibly kind and caring, with a deep connection to nature, plants, and the spiritual realm. She was initiated by her grandmother and comes from a long line of nature lovers.

Her goal is to keep the balance between nature and humans and to make sure that both can thrive.

Her personality is like a mountain; calm, strong, and unmoving. She’s reliable and consistent and doesn’t like change. It can take a lot of effort for her to change her mind, and she can be quite determined. She speaks plainly and directly, and can seem a little rude at times! She doesn’t mean it, she’s just very to the point and doesn’t have time for small talk, so don’t be alarmed if she seems aloof.

While she is very connected to nature and can make any garden flourish, she can struggle when it comes to people. Her passion for her plants is undeniable, but beneath it all, she yearns for companionship and the opportunity to build meaningful relationships. Her challenge is to connect with humans as deeply as she connects with nature, and we hope that she can come out of her shell and befriend Alice, Bjorn, and the rest of the gang!

Take your time getting to know Hae-Won and you will discover a treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom, and if you can get through her cool, thorny exterior you will have a loyal friend for life!

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