Fall Harvest Party with Alice NFT Sale Concluded

Wow! Once again, we are amazed at the interest level surrounding My Neighbor Alice. The 47,500 Harvest Baskets sold out in under a minute. While we are pleased with the result, we are also aware of the frustration for our community members who could not buy in time.

While the NFT sale included a captcha system, it is clear that further adjustments will be required to give users more time to participate. We will be conferring with Binance and looking over the event’s analytics to further refine the process.

We are already planning our next NFT event, which we anticipate will take place approximately a month from now. We will again explore options to include more of our users — things we are looking at include:

  • Setting a more significant number of baskets aside for giveaways
  • Increasing the total number of baskets for sale
  • Potentially tweaking the sale format

For anyone unaware, unopened mystery boxes are available for sale on Binance’s NFT marketplace. While the prices are slightly higher than the price charged during the event, this option may be desirable for some users. And another 2,500 Harvest Baskets are saved for Binance Airdrops.

We thank our community for their overwhelming interest and support! We promise to continue delivering more events and working to improve the end-user experience. Until next time!

/team Alice

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