Beta Season 1: The first stop on the Road to Decentralization

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4 min readApr 16, 2024

Hi Neighbors!

My Neighbor Alice is finally ready for a huge milestone: the transition from Alpha to Beta Seasons! This isn’t just a step forward—it’s a significant leap towards fulfilling our promises to our community while continuously improving the in-game experience for our players. Get ready for the exciting new Beta Season, which is now live!

Steve Haßenpflug, our Game director, sheds light on the strategic direction and development philosophy: “The conclusion of the Alpha seasons was a crucial step toward honoring the commitments made to our supportive community. This transition also represents a major internal shift, signaling the start of a new phase in the project’s journey.”

A New Phase: Beta Season 1

Beta Season 1 introduces a fresh and exciting chapter with new features that elevate the overall in-game experience by offering players new ways to interact, explore, and shape the game world together. As Steve stated, “With Beta Season 1, we’re not just moving to a new phase; we’re enhancing the game with unique systems like the emote and trading platforms, directly responding to our players’ desire for a richer, more interactive experience. This is a significant leap towards a more engaging and community-driven game.”

Indeed, the heart of Beta Season 1 lies in its two main features, which are carefully put together into the game’s economy: the emote system and the trading system. They serve not just as additions but as key elements that enhance the game’s social system, making every interaction among players meaningful and integral to the game’s economy and community spirit.

Deepening Social Connections

The Emote System introduces a new interaction layer within the game, moving beyond traditional in-game gestures. Known as emotes, these expressive icons do more than just animate your character; they unlock new avenues for players to communicate and socialize in the game’s universe. This feature enriches the gameplay by fostering a more vibrant and interactive community, enhancing how players connect and share experiences.

Equally transformative is the introduction of a Trading System, enabling players to buy and sell In-game items and resources through a Storefront and further energize the game’s economy freely. This system lays the foundation for a player-driven marketplace, where every item and interaction holds potential value and contributes to the overall dynamism of the game world.

Expanding the Horizon: Additional In-Game Features and Marketplace Update

In-Game Features:

  • New Crafting Stations are now accessible not only on players’ plots but also within town hubs, significantly expanding the possibilities for crafting seeds, tools, and more.
  • Tool Migration introduces a variety of levels and upgrades for tools, adding depth to gameplay mechanics.
  • New Quests offer players fresh challenges and adventures, enriching the narrative and interactive dimensions of the game.

Marketplace Update:

  • Discover our new homepage, where you can explore the latest items on sale and top sales, and our wall of fame, which features outstanding users.
  • Fixed Price enables players to list and sell their items at a fixed price.
  • Simplified Single Sign-On experience to log in to the marketplace and game using only your crypto wallet.

Along with the emote and trading systems, these new features mark a leap forward in the game’s evolution, improving the gaming experience.

Looking Ahead

Looking toward the future, the vision for Beta Season 1 and beyond is clear: We aim to continually enhance the gameplay by introducing new, fun features that deepen social interactions and self-expression within the game. All while prioritizing a fully decentralized setting and expanding the user-generated content, the commitment to this vision is unwavering, and the anticipation for what’s to come is stronger than ever.

Stay tuned, and see you in the Neighborhood!

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