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7 min readMar 25, 2021

IMPORTANT AMENDMENT TO ARTICLE: Due to a very high interest to participate in the land sale lottery we´ve made some amendments to the rules which will make it easier for more to participate. One of the biggest changes is that the minimum amount to stake to be eligible for lottery tickets has been lowered from 50 ALICE to 1 ALICE and from 1000 CHR to 20 CHR. How good is that?! Please read more below regarding how to participate in the land sale lottery.

Alice has grown tired of being the sole guardian of the Lummelunda Archipelago, she is ready to start inviting neighbours to join her and help the archipelago flourish.

She has divided the islands of her archipelago into plots which will serve as the basis for the games quests and activities. These plots are the canvas upon which you can express yourself in the game universe. Read on to learn more about what you can do with plots in My Neighbour Alice.

As you might already know, the Lummelunda Archipelago consists of 6 islands; Snowflake Island, Medieval Plains, Lummestad (The Town), Nature’s Rest, Sandy Coast, and Submerged Island’s. The first plots to go on sale will be on the lush and beautiful island of Nature’s Rest. Please mark the date May 26th and be ready to stake your ALICE tokens to be one of the lucky few to be the first land owners on Nature’s Rest.

Please read more below about Nature’s rest and the land sale lottery

The island of Nature´s Rest, can you see what it resembles?

Nature’s Rest
Nature’s Rest is a dense forest and lush vegetation. Glowing lights are falling from the trees and creates a moody atmosphere. Nature’s rest also happens to be Björn’s (you know, the friendly bear with the yellow hat) birthplace. Must be a great place for fishing!

Dense and brimming with things that crawl and creep, the diversity of life in Nature’s Rest is greater than anywhere else on the archipelago.

Plots and prices — Discount for early neighbors!

Amount of plots for sale: 927 (less than 5% of the plots on Nature´s Rest)
Original Cost per plot: 50 ALICE
Early neighbor discount: 60%
Cost per plot after discount: 20 ALICE
Deposit Acceptance Start Date: May 26 WED 10AM UTC
Staking Snapshot Start Date: May 28 FRI 10AM UTC
Staking Snapshot End Date: June 10 THU 10AM UTC
Land Sale Event Date: June 11 FRI 10AM UTC

Land sale rules for Nature’s Rest

For this batch of the land sales, we invite neighbors with ALICE or CHR tokens to join the sales. Since there are only a limited amount of lands available at Nature’s Rest, we will run a lottery round to choose the lucky neighbors that are qualified for the sales. So what do you need to do in order to be qualified?

The lottery draw will take place on June11th, and 927 plots of land will be sold. To be eligible to win, you need to have lottery tickets, winning tickets will be drawn at random.

A dashboard for managing your lottery participation and monitoring how many tickets you have will be available in advance of the start of the staking. A link to the dashboard will be available on Please make sure you’re using the official website.

Please make sure to read the Terms and Conditions before participating!

The Lottery

Land plots will cost 20 ALICE each. You need to deposit this using the dashboard to be eligible for the lottery. If you win, the amount will be deducted. If you are unlucky, you can choose to leave it for the next land sale lottery, or withdraw it.

Your deposit entitles you to twenty tickets per day during the lottery period, but you can receive more tickets by staking ALICE or CHR. You will receive one additional ticket per day during the staking period for every 1 ALICE or 20 CHR staked.

You will need to use the dashboard to associate any addresses with stake to your deposit address in order for them to be counted.

In order to be eligible for the draw, you need to leave your deposit and stake untouched up until the draw. Attempting to withdraw tokens before the lottery draw will result in the loss of the accumulated tickets. It is possible to increase the amount of tokens staked at any time.

Your ticket allocation will be determined using snapshots taken daily at 1200 CEST starting on May 28th. The final snapshot will be taken on the day of the draw, June 11th. The more tickets you have, the higher the chance that you will be a winner, but it is only possible to win one plot per address and deposit.


Tokens can be staked in two ways:

We understand that some people have their ALICE tokens locked on various liquidity pools. To accommodate the users who are providing liquidity, we have decided to count ALICE held in the following pools towards the ticket allocation:

  • Bakery: ALICE-BAKE

LP tokens do not need to be locked in a contract. The exact amount of ALICE held in LP tokens at the time of the snapshot will determine the ticket allocation. LP tokens which are staked on PancakeSwap farms will be included.

Mind that due to the nature of DEX liquidity pools your total amount of ALICE might not remain constant when it’s kept as part of a pair in the liquidity pool.

Snapshot process

Every time a snapshot is taken we:

  1. Check the addresses which have paid the deposit
  2. For each address associated with the deposit address we check how many tokens are staked on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum
  3. One lottery ticket is awarded for each ALICE and for every 20 CHR

What will I be able to do with my land in My Neighbor Alice?

Land will be a foundational asset in My Neighbour Alice. It will be the space in which much of the gameplay will take place, as well as being a canvas for player customisation and self-expression. In total there will be approximately 100,000 pieces of land available in the game. Through the rental feature for land owners and all the lands reserved for rentals and public features it allows for a much bigger player base, a game for millions to enjoy.

Lands in My Neighbor Alice offer a unique experience for players to create, design and socialize in the game. You could change the landscape, build and import your assets to your land and make it yours in the Alice world. As Alice is a hospitable figure in the game, she could visit your lands and also invite other NPCs to guide you through the Lummelunda Archipelago. You could also invite other friends to visit or live on your land, have a chat, build things, and complete fun quests together.

Moreover, since land is represented as NFTs in the game, you can think of it as an asset in itself. You can buy and sell lands both on the in-game marketplace as well as on third-party NFT exchanges. As a landowner, you could also rent out the land to make a profit.

This will mark the first of a series of land sales in My Neighbor Alice.

FAQ about our first land sale

Q: Which tokens are eligible to stake?

Q: When does the staking begin?
A: From the 28th of May

Q: When is the last day to start staking?
A: June10th (before 10:00 UTC)

Q: For how long do I need to stake my tokens?
A: 1 day minimum during the staking period but you improve your chances of winning if you stake the full 14 days as you will get awarded lottery tickets for every day you stake.

Q: When should they send the 20 ALICE via the dashboard?
A: From the 26th of May. Link to the dashboard will be available on in advance of that.

Q: Can I send the 20 ALICE via the dashboard after May 28th.
Yes but you will be eligible for more lottery tickets if you join from the beginning.

Q: What happens on June11th?
A: On June 11th we will draw lots for all the qualified future neighbors. If you are selected, you will be able to register your ownership and add collateral for your land. Otherwise you’ll be able to withdraw your ALICE.

Q: Where do I buy the land if I win the lottery?
A: In this first round of land sales, players don’t go and buy a land, they get one randomly. In the future we plan other sales mechanisms.

Q: I didn´t win, will I not be able to play the game now?
A: We know that the available lands are limited and not everyone could secure a piece, but don’t worry — 50% of the land will be reserved for rentals and public facilities. So even if you won’t be able to own a piece of land, you could still have fun in the game.

Q: Will there be more land sales?
A: Yes, this is merely the first of a series of land sales so if you didn´t win this time you might be lucky the next.

Start preparing and get your tokens ready for May 26th!

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