ALPHA SEASON 3: The Mid-Season Review

My Neighbor Alice
3 min readSep 21, 2023

The Alpha Season 3 started on August 29 and will end on October 10. It has been full of fun with exciting updates and interesting collaborations. Let’s take a moment to look back at what the season has brought us thus far and what’s yet to come.

The Highlights:

  • ELLE: This season, we teamed up with the iconic fashion and lifestyle brand ELLE. This special mix added a fresh taste to gaming, smoothly combining fashion’s allure with the excitement of playing games.

ELLE isn’t just an addition; it is part of the game, with its own ELLE Café in every active zone. The coveted quests for ELLE-branded products with that distinctive Alice twist remain among the game’s most pursued.

  • Crafting: Crafting has redefined My Neighbor Alice’s gameplay. Players use blueprints, tickets, and in-game activities like fishing and farming to explore the game’s essence.

Crafting has been a magical journey. It started with making simple things like tables and fences. Then, it progressed to creating complex designs like gates and fountains.

Additionally, by incorporating $ALICE tokens into crafting, players can obtain unique items, showcasing a groundbreaking initiative in the game.

  • Free Trial: Inclusivity remains at the core of My Neighbor Alice. This season, we provided a Free Trial for New Users. The purpose was to invite newcomers to explore a significant portion of My Neighbor Alice’s world. Through this, we aim to give every player an equally immersive gameplay experience.

As we navigate the remaining days of this season, we’re fueled by our players’ positive reception and undying enthusiasm. Fashion and gaming blend together, crafting is innovative, and our Free Trial welcomes everyone, making this season unforgettable.

Join us on this amazing journey and take advantage of the Free Trial to explore our universe if you haven’t already. Remember, the magic of ELLE and My Neighbor Alice is waiting for you in Alpha Season 3.

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