Alpha Season 2: The Rewards!

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4 min readFeb 15, 2023

The wait is finally over! Alpha Season 2 of My Neighbor Alice has ended, and it’s time to reap the rewards of the players’ hard work in all the adventures in the Lummelunda Archipelago.

In Alpha Season 2 of My Neighbor Alice, players took on four exciting community quests to build new structures and made us introduce to the neighbors the first Town Hubs!

A glance at the quests

The first quest, “From Spyglass to Land” had players helping José find a faster way to travel the Archipelago. The second quest, “The Great Decoration Challenge” was a friendly competition between Alice and Ivan to decorate a gathering place for the community. The third quest, “Made to Fit” had players helping Hae-Won find the perfect spot to change into her farming clothes. The final quest, “Rise or Shine” had players voting on the size of a landmark building for the next season.

In the end, Team Alice won the quests, but even if you are in team B, rest reassured that you still are a winner of the Alpha Season 2 rewards!

The Rewards

Placeable NFT #1:

For your hard work and dedication throughout Alpha Season 2, you will be awarded a stunning Gold Farming Trophy. This trophy serves as a symbol of your achievements and will serve as a constant reminder of your success. All players who joined and played this season will receive this prize.

Placeable NFT #2: From Spyglass to Land

As a reward for completing Community Quest #1, you will receive a beautiful Flower Lamp. This lamp is the perfect addition to any home and brings serenity and peace to your surroundings.

Placeable NFT #3: The Great Decoration Challenge

For your involvement in Community Quest #2, you will receive a unique and highly sought-after Bear Crow. This charming decorative piece will bring style, flair, and smiles to your home.

Placeable NFT #4: Made to Fit

As a reward for completing Community Quest #3, you will receive a one-of-a-kind Golden Turnip. This shimmering golden vegetable is sure to make a statement and catch the eye of everyone around you.

Wearable NFT #5: Rise or Shine Reward

For your successful completion of Community Quest #4, you will receive a stylish Farming Outfit. From the plaid shirt to the yellow boots, this outfit will make you the most fashionable farmer in town. Get ready to grab your shovel and start working in style.

The Alpha Season 2 of My Neighbor Alice brought challenges and opportunities for the community to come together and work towards a common goal. And even if the NFTs rewards will only be usable in-game from Season 3, they are a testament to the hard work and dedication of the players. So, congratulations to all the players who participated in Alpha Season 2.

Get ready for a recap of this fantastic season of My Neighbor Alice. Stay tuned!

Remember that you must have participated in each quest to receive all the Alpha Season 2 Quests rewards. The rewards have been distributed to the latest EVM address linked to your My Neighbor Alice Vault account on February 14th, 2023. Make sure you are verifying the correct address.

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