Alpha Season 2: A Thrilling Experience (End of the season Recap)

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5 min readFeb 17, 2023

Dear neighbors,

The Alpha Season 2 of My Neighbor Alice has ended and was a huge success! The season lasted from December 14th to February 14th, providing players with an exciting new experience and new adventures in the Lummelunda Archipelago.

This season was all about community, with My Neighbor Alice’s newly introduced Community Quests!

The quests allowed neighbors to work together to reach different goals and build four buildings that would be implemented in the Town Hub. These are the four different quests that filled the two months of this season with adventure and fun.

1- From Spyglass to Land

The first community quest took the players on a journey through the vast and beautiful Archipelago. José was searching for something, but with the island still being a work in progress, he must travel by foot. The neighbors were tasked with helping José find a faster way to travel, putting their problem-solving skills to the test.

2- The Great Decoration Challenge

The second community quest involved working with a team and voting. Ivan and Alice had different ideas for building a place where the whole community could gather, with Ivan wanting a classy vibe and Alice pushing for fun and colorful decorations. The neighbors were asked to choose between Team A (Alice) and Team B (Ivan) and work together to bring their desired vision to life.

3- Made to Fit

The third community quest focused on creating a practical changing room for Hae Won. The neighbors were asked to help design the space, including shelves, good lighting, and even a catwalk. Prior farming experience or investors were not required to participate in this quest.

4- Rise or Shine (Voting)

The final community quest tasked the players with voting for the size of the landmark building for the next season. Alice, Björn, and José had differing opinions, with players having to choose between a small building (Team A) and a monumental building (Team B). This quest allowed the players to have a say in the game’s development and influence the direction of future seasons.

At the end of the season, everyone who joined and played the different quests received up to five different surprise rewards. The Community Quests brought everyone closer and allowed them to work towards a common goal.

Additionally, the new Open-World feature allowed neighbors to be closer to each other by walking freely around in each region of the map, without any borders or loading screens between land plots. They could visit each other and see how they were doing, making the experience more immersive and enjoyable.

Our companion app ‘Alice’s Wardrobe’ was finally released on both the iOS App Store and Android’s Google Play Store. This app’s release allows users to customize their characters and see the exact changes in-game. The app also allowed them to transfer their NFTs, which was a great addition. There were also new NFTs accessible to those who participated in Alpha Season 1 and earned a Björn hat, the NYC T-Shirt, and other NFTs that could be acquired through the Marketplace.

The season also introduced farming into the game, with a new character named Hae-Won, who guided players through the process. From hunter-gatherers, players became part of the agricultural revolution, planting seeds on their plots, caring for their plants, and harvesting their bounty.

Placeables were also introduced this season, allowing players to use their NFTs from previous Mystery Box sales on Binance and display them on their land plots inside the game. This allowed them to express themselves and be creative in how they designed their land plots. The players could be as imaginative as they wanted and find their placeables on the Marketplace by filtering to the “Item” Category.

In conclusion, this season was a thrilling experience for all players (next season will be open for non-landowners too). The new Community Quests allowed players to work together with their neighbors and earn rewards at the end of the season. The Open-World feature allowed for more interaction between players and their land plots. The companion app ‘Alice’s Wardrobe’ allowed players to customize their characters, and the introduction of Placeables allowed for more creativity in land design.

Season Alpha 2 brought a new level of excitement and engagement to the game that could only have been achieved with the players. From the MNA team: Thank you to everyone who played this adventure!

DISCLAIMER: Please consider that the NFT rewards that the players received are not usable in-game until Season 3! If you still have your land on Chromia, you can either bridge it back to BNB Smart Chain, or keep it on Chromia to be ready for the next season!

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