Alice’s Mysterious Seed Shop Reopening

My Neighbor Alice
2 min readOct 22, 2021

Dear neighbors,

We’re happy to announce that Alice has found more of her grandmother’s lost seeds and will soon be opening up the seed shop again. And that’s not all, it seems like she’s discovered some completely new seeds as well. While looking for fertilizer in the tool shed of her grandmother, Alice found a new pouch of the mysterious cross-breed seeds of her grandmother. Stuck between a shovel and some broken pots, these little seeds were just waiting to be discovered!

The grand reopening of Alice’s shop will take place on Wednesday, October 27th at 10:00 UTC. Please note that the shop will only be open for 14 days and Alice´s shop will close again for the season on Wednesday, November 10th at 10:00 UTC.

So, what’s new?

We’ve listened to your feedback and have implemented some of the most requested features and updates:

New seeds

  • Two new seeds and fruits which can be received via purchase using the ALICE token. The seed shop now includes 8 different types of seeds.

More gameplay

  • A new fertilizing mini-game offers a fresh gameplay experience.
  • By fertilizing your plant, you can accelerate its growth by up to 50%. Fertilizing your plant is optional and if you choose to not do it, your plant will still grow at the previous rate.


  • Gifting of seeds/fruits so that users can transfer between their friends or secondary accounts.
Transfer seeds between your own accounts or gift a seed to a friend

How should I prepare for the reopening?

You may wish to preload an account with ALICE tokens to be ready to purchase seeds. Aside from that, simply mark your calendar with the dates for the opening of the shop! And please remember that the shop will only stay open for 14 days!

See you all in the neighborhood!

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