Getting hyped for our new game My Neighbor Alice! As you might have heard, It´s a multiplayer builder game where anyone can buy and own virtual islands, collect and build exciting items and meet new friends.

To provide a seamless NFT collection experience, Alice is exploring ways to integrate Litentry’s DID & NFT tools into the game. With Litentry, Alice Players would be able to link Twitter accounts with NFTs, socialize with friends, and view NFT collections on a front-end application.

Together, the two teams will discuss and look for solutions for identifying ID and filter out…

IMPORTANT AMENDMENT TO ARTICLE: Due to a very high interest to participate in the land sale lottery we´ve made some amendments to the rules which will make it easier for more to participate. One of the biggest changes is that the minimum amount to stake to be eligible for lottery tickets has been lowered from 50 ALICE to 1 ALICE and from 1000 CHR to 20 CHR. How good is that?! Please read more below regarding how to participate in the land sale lottery.

Alice has grown tired of being the sole guardian of the Lummelunda Archipelago, she is ready…

Non-fungible token (NFT) is definitely among the hottest topics nowadays with crypto artist Beeple auctioned its piece for an astonishing 69 million dollars, making it the fourth most expensive art piece by a living artist. Since the establishment of ERC721, the standard of issuing NFTs, developers, creators and artists have been experimenting with this technology for digital arts, decentralized games and also financial products.

My Neighbor Alice introduces the cNFT

While the NFT market is very popular, an important issue for the collectors is getting access to liquidity. For fungible tokens, there are both centralized and decentralized exchanges offering opportunities for buying and selling. For non…

Alice is the guardian of the Lummelunda archipelago, the latest in a long line of succession. Animals and humans share space on these islands, and both are equally gifted with the ability to speak, form connections and work together to make the archipelago prosper. Because the archipelago is so large, she invites others to help her nurture the land. Each owner of a piece of land and its inhabitants is a neighbor to Alice, whichever part of the archipelago they call home.

The Lummelunda Archipelago

Snowflake Island Located on the northwestern edge of the Lummelunda archipelago, Snowflake island is a frosty wonderland filled…

My Neighbor Alice에 오신 것을 환영합니다.
My Neighbor Alice는 사용자들이 함께 만들고, 플레이할 수 있는 독특한 블록체인 기반 게임입니다. NFT가 무엇인지 전혀 모르는 비크립토 플레이어에게도 블록체인 기능이 간편하고 재미있게 느낄 수 있도록 하려는 게임입니다. My Neighbor Alice의 목표는 재미있는 이야기와 매력적인 수익화 방법으로 수백만 명의 게이머에게 블록체인을 소개하는 것입니다.

당신의 새 이웃, Alice를 만나세요.

My Neighbor Alice가 무엇인가요?

My Neighbor Alice는 플레이어가 자신만의 가상 토지를 만들고, 이웃과 교류하며 신나는 일상을 수행하고 보상을 받는 멀티플레이어 빌더 게임입니다. 누구나 토지를 사고 농사, 낚시, 벌 …

Different from other social simulation games, My Neighbor Alice builds the entire game logic on the blockchain. What does that mean? It means all of the assets you own in the game are truly yours, and that all the actions you have completed in the game are recorded on the blockchain. In traditional games, everything is gone when the publisher decides not to maintain the game anymore. However, in My Neighbor Alice, the gaming platform is decentralized, you own everything you create and what’s better, you could get rewarded for contributing in the Alice’s world.

The ALICE token: now available on Binance Launchpool

Introducing ALICE token

ALICE is the native currency…

Hello Dear Neighbors! You can now farm ALICE on Binance Launchpool!

👩🏼‍🌾 IMPORTANT FAQs on the Upcoming Binance LaunchPool Staking Event

Who can stake?

Anyone who has a BNB, BUSD, and CHR in their Binance Wallet can join.

When will staking start and end?

Staking starts on March 10, 2021 00:00 UTC and ends on April 4, 2021 23:59 (UTC)

How can I stake my BNB?

Please click this link to proceed in staking your BNB.

How can I stake my BUSD?

Please click this link to proceed in staking your BUSD.

How can I stake my CHR?

Please click…

We’re happy to announce that our first batch NFT auction was closed. All the 255 cute animals were adopted. Please see some of the numbers below.

The NFT auction is now closed but please stay tuned for more news

Here are some of the numbers for you:

BIDS: 1755
ACCOUNTS who participated: 185
BID TOTAL: 475.41303 BNB

How to claim your bonus if you collect all the cards in one crypto series:

Please contact us ( if you collected all the NFT series before March 1st, 12pm CET. We will take a snapshot of the address at that time and verify if it fulfills the criteria. Once verified — the rewards (for users have collected all animals with unicorns) will be distributed on the next day. For users that collected all…

Participate at Bounce Finance

The Basics

  • 255 animal NFTs will be for adoption this round 😻
  • There will be 6 animals from the farm showing up this time and they will be carrying 4 types of freshly minted coin marks. To find out more about the characters of each one and what you could do with these cute creatures, read the article here 🤓
  • For all the cards except for the unicorn, 20 copies will ever be minted. And 10 will be available for sales in this batch. There will only be 2 unicorn cards issued for each series, and only 1 will be for adoption…

The first phase of the auction takes place on Feb 21st at 12.00 CET at Bounce Finance

Alice needs your help, some of her animals are looking for a new home in the Lummelunda Archipelago.

Who will create the best looking plot in the Lummelunda Archipelago? Take your friends along for the journey with My Neighbor Alice! Now players have a unique opportunity to acquire and enhance their plot with some of the most fun, cute and rare animals and characters from Alices backyard. Will you be one of the lucky caretakers of these cuties?

Are you ready? Because this is cuteness overload!!

Presenting the Alice Farm Crew 🥳

My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer blockchain builder game, where anyone can buy and own virtual islands, collect and build exciting items and meet new friends.

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